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Around MLS: Bite-Sized Edition

The Rapids will destroy all MLS with their incessant winning, and Dallas will either be left holding the frayed pieces of what's left, or consumed in the storm.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Due to work being crazy, the MLS recap will be limited to a few choice points.

- The Seattle Sounders looked like a shadow of their usual selves. As a result, Houston beat them pretty emphatically, with a final score of 3-1 not entirely showing how disorganized Seattle were. There were a few moments where Seattle looked like they would regain control and maybe get a point out of the match, but their short lived surge was fruitless, and Houston took the opportunity to cement their victory.

It should be noted though that despite the Sounders taking valium before walking onto the pitch, Clint Dempsey was quite good. There were times where he was clearly two steps ahead of some of the other players (Thierry Henry is familiar with this problem). Just watching him play you can tell the man is thinking three steps ahead, and has the skill to be able to execute his ideas. So often though he would catch players by surprise and they couldn't follow up.

It won't matter though. The Sounders won't be a worse team because he is too good. The rest of the West will be put on notice as soon as Seattle can figure out how to play soccer while on the road.

- Colorado keeps winning. They just can't stop winning. They're going to win every game ever scheduled, and I will not hear the end of it for saying they wouldn't win the Supporter's Shield. They're even going to win the Presidential primaries (for both parties, and also several fringe independent groups) and then the elections in a few years. Their first order of business will be to replace the President with Oscar Pareja. Drew Moor will be named Secretary of Affability.

It will be a glorious America.

- The LA Galaxy beat RSL so as to ensure all nicely, pre-written narratives were thrown out the window. Robbie Keane was named player of the week for his shellacking of the RSL defense.

- Sporting Kansas City is just not right. The San Jose Earthquakes are not about to roll over and lose to any team that walks onto their field, but you'd imagine that KC could at least put a goal past them. True, it was an away game for KC, but quality should out. This can't be chalked up to a post-AS Game malaise either.