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Mauro Diaz Is A Designated Player After All

Early sources to were correct, Diaz is a DP.

FC Dallas Communications

One bit of information that we had reported a while back with regards to Argentine midfielder Mauro Diaz that was when he was being signed by FC Dallas last month he would be the club's next Designated Player, likely a Young DP.

Well, when the announcement came out about his signing there was no word about the DP deal. Not a single mention. Which became more interesting when the updated MLS player salaries came out last week and saw Diaz making a base salary of $312,000.

Yesterday, the league was all in a rage when Dallas-native Omar Gonzalez was announced as the LA Galaxy's third DP. The league's website had many articles dedicated to that announcement and one caught my eye with a link to the league's pressbox website that contained a list of all the DPs currently in MLS. One name immediately jumped out to me as it was Diaz's listed along side David Ferreira and Fabian Castillo for the club's three DP slots.

This is actually good news to hear as it likely means the club didn't use allocation money to pay down his salary against the cap*. Young DPs between 21-23 years old like Diaz only account for $200k towards the salary cap. Normally a third DP slot has to be bought by the club but seeing how Diaz falls under the Young DP rules, FC Dallas did not have to purchase that extra DP slot.

Also, seeing that Diaz is a mid-season purchase by FC Dallas, his cap hit is only going to be $150k for this season.

So why no announcement on this deal? It is hard to tell. The Dallas front office has always kept things like this close to their chest for whatever reason. I wouldn't be shocked if they just don't want that kind of information announced for a young player so the pressure isn't on him right away to perform. I mean, after all, Dallas is the club that signed one of the worst DPs in league history in Denilson so I don't blame them for not making this a big deal.

What do you all make of Diaz being a DP for FCD? Happy to hear the news? Or wish that the club had held on to their extra DP slot for next year?