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Time Running Out For Victor Ulloa?

No loan for the Homegrown midfielder could spell trouble for his future.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

It has been a tough time for FC Dallas Homegrown midfielder Victor Ulloa to see the playing field. Outside of reserve league games, scrimmages and friendlies, the third-year midfielder has only seen nine minutes of action for the first team since signing with the club back in the summer of 2010.

That is why the pursuit of a loan was so big for Ulloa this summer. FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo has been searching for a landing spot for Ulloa all summer long but has yet to come up with a good destination for him. But after loans for Bobby Warshaw, Bradlee Baladez and Richard Sanchez went through, the big question became, what about Ulloa?

Steve Hunt at 3rd Degree caught up with Clavijo to get the latest on Ulloa.

It's become hard. Some of the kids decided a little bit later, decided right on top of the season. Early on, I had a place for him but they are not committed. Like Bradlee [Baladez], Bradlee was not committed until two days before the season started. When he got to Fort Lauderdale, he didn't travel. Victor had a team and the coaches look at that. They prepare for two weeks of preseason or three weeks of preseason with somebody else and then of course, it's going to take a little bit longer to get back. And some of those needs that the team had at the beginning in looking at Victor, some of those needs are not there anymore. We have to wait a couple days, see how the teams do and what their needs will be.

Hearing that Ulloa isn't going anyone anytime soon is definitely not a good sign for his future. Not only is he not getting extra playing time elsewhere like some of his teammates but he isn't seeing any of the bench for Dallas either. In 23 games this season, Ulloa has only made the 18-man game day roster three times with the most recent chance being on the road in Montreal last month.

Someone could end up wanting Ulloa in the coming weeks but given how the USL-Pro season is coming to a close and the NASL fall season is just underway, his options in the US are very limited.

Does getting a loan mean Ulloa's time is up after this season is over? Only time will tell if he will join the ranks of Ruben Luna and Bryan Leyva as failed Homegrown players for FC Dallas.