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Schedule Congestion An Issue For FC Dallas

Schellas Hyndman sees the next week as a big test for his club's playoff chances.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The next week of the schedule will be big for FC Dallas. That is a simple statement to make considering the position that the club is currently in right now in the MLS standings.

FC Dallas has two road games and one home game within one week's time coming up. First up will be a trip to Portland on Saturday, followed up by a trip to Los Angeles to face Chivas USA, and finally wrapping it all up on Saturday a visit from San Jose.

Three big games in one week. Unfortunately for Dallas, the schedule isn't really helping things out as the club pushes for this first win since the end of May. FC Dallas will face three clubs that will be coming into those matches on a week or more rest. Schellas Hyndman told reporters earlier this week that he hopes the league can fix the schedule issues in years to come to where it gives everyone a fair playing field.

"There is a lot of things with the league that I wish they would fix, one of them is the scheduling," said Hyndman. "These three games are big. If you look at our schedule we go to Portland, they've had a week off."

Portland's last match was last Wednesday in the US Open Cup semifinals against Salt Lake, giving them a week and a half off to prepare for Dallas on Saturday. The Timbers are 1-2-2 in their last five league matches, but the rare time off from league play comes at a big time to help with injuries, something Dallas is having to deal with at the moment.

"You know our team is not going to look the same in Portland as it did against LA because of injuries," said Hyndman. "We have no idea what the team will look like going from Portland to Chivas or from Chivas to Dallas for the San Jose game. If the league wants to do something for the sake of the players, the health of the players, get the schedule right and make it fair for everyone."

When Dallas goes to Chivas next Wednesday, they'll face a Goats side that will also be enjoying a 10-day break from league action. San Jose will come to Dallas fresh as well, seeing as how they don't have a midweek game to deal with next week.

"We had a team meeting last week and talked about how we have 12 games left and what we need to do well because other teams are positioning themselves," explained Hyndman. "We're not happy where we are in the standings but we're only points away from where we want to be. So we can't let that gap get any bigger."