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SB Nation Releases Fun MLS 12th Man App

Clever app helps non-soccer fans figure out which club they mostly would associate with.

I'll admit it. It probably took me a half-dozen tries to get this to come up with FC Dallas as my top choice. But still, the SB Nation MLS 12th Man app is pretty nifty.

It certainly is the coolest thing you'll find on the internet today that is soccer related.

Basically, it takes some of the most important parts of your daily life - hairstyle, diet, whether or not you'd jump out of an airplane- to rightly or wrongly brand you into the demographic of MLS supporters that best suits your tastes.

I don't know the ins and outs of how this was built but given it's cool Sega Genesis style graphics, I don't really care.

Anyways, it is fun and certainly worth a few minutes to play around with if you haven't already. My first few goes at it saw Vancouver as my top choice with Dallas coming in at number four. Not bad but it certainly made me want to get FCD as my top pick.