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Around MLS: Clint Dempsey Debuts for Seattle

Toronto booed Dempsey, which I'm sure he didn't mind because he eats Ontarios for breakfast every morning.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

There was a Clint Dempsey sighting for the Clint Dempsey Sounders in Toronto, (also known as Dempsey, Ontario) who played Clint Dempsey minutes and beat the Team-That-Doesn't-Have-Clint-Dempsey.

In the event you are a wild hermit who espouses wisdom/insanity from the top of some remote mountain, and therefor don't keep up with news, the Seattle Sounders beat Toronto FC 2-1. It's a match that will be remembered as the one where Deuce played his first minutes for Seattle, and not for the soccer on display. While the Sounders played well enough and managed a win, none of it mattered in the face of Nacogdoches glory. The Seattle announcer was incapable of containing his effusions of ecstasy as Clint took the field.

The sour note in all this is that Clint came on a bit earlier than expected because of Obefemi Martins' injury. After a collision in the first half, Martins kept grabbing his knee and leg and did his best to shake it off, but it was not to be. Off he went and Deuce came on for him just minutes later. While I expected the Seattle broadcast to be excited, they were a bit more euphoric than I anticipated. I do not believe the Sounders play by play man could have sounded more excited if Dempsey had grown wings and ascended into the heavens, bewtowing upon Americans the Blessing of Soccer in the process.

Here's the long and short on Dempsey's performance: He did well, had a few good touches, and showed smart movement. It wasn't much else, but in his first minutes it didn't need to be.

The shocking result of the week is the Columbus Crew's 2-0 defeat of the New York Red Bulls. The Crew's well documented struggled, coupled with the Red Bulls' resurgence, had led many to believe this would be a one-sided affair. While we shouldn't rain on Columbus' parade, it's worth asking them a question that Dallas fans should be familiar with: Where would they be without Federico Higuain?

It helps that New York was without Mike Petke (suspended) and Thierry Henry (injured), but that's beside the point. If Columbus squeaked by then Red Bulls fans could hang their hat on that and move on. It wasn't like that though, as the Crew controlled most of the game and dictated the pace. If not for Luis Robles, the Crew could have had a larger margin of victory.

Real Salt Lake beat the Houston Dynamo 1-0 in one of the least attractive games RSL has played all season. It was won on a penalty kick (well-earned) and featured a defending masterpiece on behalf of RSL. If you have ever seen a game with great defending though, you know how boring they can be. It was a powerful sedative of a match, one in which Houston never threatened and never looked like they could win.

RSL keep solidifying their spot in the Western Conference, while Houston has put a bit of a dent in their plans to regain leadership of the east. That has been a recurring theme for the Dynamo this year. "The Dynamo are climbing up the table! Just one more an--- oh. They've lost a few now. Nevermind. Wait! They're winning again!". On and on it goes.

The Chicago Fire beat the Montreal Impact 2-1. They head over to New England next for a real chance at making the playoffs. I am betting on Chicago making the post-season. Get your bets in now before the shop closes bids!

The Colorado Rapids will rue the performance of Deshorn Brow as they drew 1-1 with Chivas USA. Deshorn Brown had a nightmare of a game. He screwed up every shot that fell his way, including a penalty kick. FCD fans have seen people miss PKs before and fans in general are forgiving about those sorts of things. They're rare enough that while infuriating, you can get over them.

The issue with Deshorn Brown is a bit more complicated than that. He misses so many sitters that I wonder what is going on with the boy. Does Oscar need to run him through an incessant barrage of finishing drills? Does he choke up as he's about to strike? Can Brown simply not handle the responsibility of kicking the ball in a straight line in front of the net?

As if the finishing wasn't enough (because the game itself was a nightmare to watch. Even the condensed version could kill a normal man), there was a red card party, and Chivas and Colorado were invited to partake. No less than three players were sent off, including Gabriel Farfan, Tony Cascio (who should be sent off more often), and Tristan Bowen.

I've been staying away from the Chris Klute hype machine, but after watching the man defend, perhaps there's something to it. With the LB situation what it is at the USMNT, it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to give the guy a run out in a training session.

Food For Thought:

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  2. Will Chicago make the playoffs?
  3. Have you ever had a case of the Deshorns in front of net? I have. Couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.