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Around MLS: Fourth of July Weekend

There were a few surprising results this weekend, and one of them actually helps FCD.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Let's try and not talk about FC Dallas.

Let's talk about other teams, shall we?

The Goonies are not, in fact, back. They didn't say "die", but they did say "we lost". The New England Revolution beat the San Jose Earthquakes 2-0 at Gillette Stadium in a match that allows Jay Heaps' team a bit of good news as the team continues their attempt to improve from last year and climb up the eastern ladder.

It was a good day for New England, who were pretty much in control the entire game. If not for Jon Busch, San Jose could easily have lost by at least four goals. It doesn't help that they're missing Marvin Chavez and Chris Wondolowski, but it goes to show that the Quakes' lack of defensive organization continues to cost them. That they were shut out is bad enough, and only their keeper kept from from embarrassment.

The Revs have to feel pretty good about getting back into the win column. They're hosting Houston next, so with some game planning and hard work, they could very well win two in a row. It's hard to not root for the Revs given their struggles.

Perhaps this loss will help temper expectations for San Jose. They've lost five out of seven, and have looked pretty bad in the process.

The Vancouver Whitecaps won their first Cascadia match in 13 (wow) tries, downing the Seattle Sounders 2-0. Stop me if you've heard this story before: The Sounders are a different team without Osvaldo Alonso on the team and--, oh? You've heard it? Okay.

True to form, the Sounders' midfield was a hot mess, and their finishing left something to be desired as well. It helped Vancouver that Brad Knighton had himself a tidy night in goal to help his team, but Kenny Miller had his say as well. Some were calling Miller a waste of money and a bit of a washup. I think this will, at least for a moment, dispel those thoughts. Miller has had a solid few weeks for the Whitecaps and has been instrumental in the run they have been on.

Shalrie Joseph brought in mixed rewards for Sounders fans, and both sides have good points. One side is arguing that Joseph gave the ball with such regularity that he must have believed it was coated in the SARS virus. They argue that he hurt the Sounders with his reckless turnovers and SHALRIE OUT! The other side is arguing that if not for Joseph, the Sounders might not have ever made an attack that mattered.

Hard to pick which one has more merit. They're both true.

As a side note, It's odd to be writing about how the Whitecaps are doing consistently well.

The Portland Timbers won't be catching FC Dallas' unbeaten streak record anytime soon, as they lost to the Columbus Crew 1-0.

There was a red card early on that really nuked the Timbers' chances of a comeback, but consider that had Federico Higuain converted the penalty kick, the Timbers could have been looking at 2-0 rather than just 1-0.

It's a bit flattering to Columbus to say they truly bested Portland. The Timbers looked like the better team for long stretches of the match, and in particular the second half. If not for some heroics from the Timbers' centerbacks and stand-in keeper, the Timbers could have easily notched a goal, or even two.

It goes to show Portland is a beatable team though. They're not invincible.

Sporting Kansas City got back on the saddle after beating the Chicago Fire 2-1, scoring two early goals to seal the deal while away. If you joined in the 15th minute, you would be forgiven for assuming this was a thumping in the making. I certainly did.

Watching the game more closely though, it was much more exciting than expected. The Fire came within inches of equalizing, and it's sad that it their valiant effort will likely get lost in the mix when this game is discussed. Despite Mike Magee's lovely goal, the Chicago fans will likely be focused on the incredibly stupid red card that Daniel Paladini picked up late in the game.

If Paladini doesn't pick up an extra game's suspension, I will be disappointed.

Maybe we shouldn't feel bad about drawing with Chivas at home, as Chivas USA held the Montreal Impact to a single point, splitting the honors 1-1. What does this say about Chivas, or about Montreal? Montreal has been stumbling a bit lately as well, and this will only fuel the fires of those who were cynical about the Impact.

Chivas is still winless in 13 games, which is really and truly bad, even for them. When Dallas went through something similar last year, the mood was gloom and doom. It's likely much worse in Chivas, but perhaps this tie can lift their spirits a bit. After all, slumping or not, Montreal is still a good team, and if Chivas squirreled away a point, then more power to them. It's more impressive that they managed to do it away from their home, but then again, Chivas this season have always played a bit better away from their cavernous and empty stadium.