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FC Dallas vs Chivas USA: Highlights, Stats, and Quote Sheet

All the dirty facts and quotes from last night's 0-0 draw.


Time to break down FC Dallas' 0-0 draw with Chivas USA. Here are the highlights, stats and quotes from last night's 4th of July game.



Scoring Summary:

FC Dallas - Raul Fernandez, Jair Benitez, Matt Hedges, Steven Keel, Zach Loyd, David Ferreira, Michel, Andrew Jacobson (Fabian Castillo 73), Jackson (Eric Hassli 87), Kenny Cooper (Ramon Nunez 64), Blas Perez.

Substitutes Not Used: Chris Seitz, Kellyn Acosta, London Woodberry, Bobby Warshaw.

TOTAL SHOTS: 12 (David Ferreira, Blas Perez 3, Kenny Cooper, Michel 2); SHOTS ON GOAL: 1 (Blas Perez 1); FOULS: 11 (Zach Lloyd, 3, Andrew Jacobson, Blas Perez 2); OFFSIDES: 2 (David Ferreira, Fabian Castillo 2); CORNER KICKS: 3 (David Ferreira 2); SAVES: 7 (Raul Fernandez 7).

Chivas USA - Dan Kennedy, Josue Soto, Mario De Luna, Walter Vilchez, Marco Delgado, Eric Avila, Carlos Alvarez (Carlos Borja 58), Gabriel Farfan, Jorge Villafana (Jose Rivera 76), Edgar Mejia, Jose Correa (Julio Morales 69).

Substitutes Not Used: Patrick McLain, Marvin Irhaeta, Oswaldo Minda, Bobby Burling.

TOTAL SHOTS: 18 (Jose Correa 4, Eric Avila, Carlos Alvarez 3, Jorge Villafana, Gabriel Farfan 2); SHOTS ON GOAL: 7 (Jose Correa 3, Eric Avila 2); FOULS: 17 (Gabriel Farfan 4, Julio Morales 3); OFFSIDES: 1 (Jose Correa 1); CORNER KICKS: 6 (Eric Avila 3); SAVES: 1 (Dan Kennedy 1).
Misconduct Summary:
CHV - Jorge Villafana (caution) 45+1
CHV - Gabriel Farfan (caution) 55
DAL - Zach Loyd (caution) 70
CHV - Jose Rivera (caution) 84
DAL - Fabian Castillo (caution) 89

Referee: Edvin Jurisevic
Referee's Assistants: Paul Scott, Kevin Duliba
4th Official: Robert Sibiga
Attendance: 22,035
Time of Game: 1:53
Weather: Clear, 91 degrees

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

We had an exciting 12-15 minutes where we created some wonderful chances. We came out and pressed them. We went pretty hard and created some one-on-one opportunities. Shots on goal opportunities we didn't get enough of and we didn't put (Dan) Kennedy into enough situations where we could really test him. The game started to get too wide open and our midfielders weren't allowed to support the attack and we found that we lost the center to midfield.
In the second half I thought that we started off well, but we didn't really create anything for us. Raul made some outstanding saves. He was selected Man of the Match, which was great for him, but it's a sign that showed how much we were under pressure.

On Stephen Keel's first start for FC Dallas...

I thought he did very well. I thought he marked his man well, attacked the ball well and kept it very simple.

On David Ferreira...

He's the key player for us and I think that if you ask him, he wasn't very pleased with his personal performance. We've got to do a better job of holding the ball and not always counting on him to be the difference maker. I think he's frustrated that we didn't get the win tonight. I think he's probably frustrated that we put so much time and energy focusing on this game for a win and we didn't get it.

On defense...

Defensively, we were happy to get the shutout for the whole team. I think our defense put us under a little bit of pressure at times, maybe taking a little more risks than they needed to. Saying that, I think it was a good team effort from the players. They put everything they had into the game.

On Ramon...

[Ramon] is at the point where he's adding something - we all could see him making good decisions and holding the ball. I think what he's missing right now is just the fitness level to hold on to both sides of the ball at the same pace. He's a player who could be very explosive going forward.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Raul Fernandez

Which save was the most difficult?

The final save was the most difficult. The ball was snaking through some bodies with a lot of movement on it but I was able to get enough on it to steer it over the crossbar and get the shutout. It wasn't the result we were looking for... We'll leave this game with a bitter taste in our mouths as we were counting on three points, especially at home.

What could the team have done better?

We needed to be more defined. Today we played well, but we didn't finish our chances. We had a couple of opportunities to score in the first half, but we were just not able to follow through.

FC Dallas defender Matthew Hedges

Overall thoughts on the game...

It started to be kind of a track meet back and forth and I don't think we got out of that all night. As a team, we need to be better. We didn't need to make the game a track meet.

On missed opportunities early in the match...

We had multiple good chances in the first 15 minutes. If we had finished one of those, maybe we could have gotten into our game and ended up two or three to zero. We didn't and they got back into the match and got their confidence up.

On what the team needs to do to return to winning ways...

Obviously, we need to finish our chances. We're creating them and if we could just get them in the net then we'd start winning more games.

FC Dallas defender Stephen Keel

General thoughts on the match...

We expected to get three points tonight. We're at home. We have a great team. The fans were massive, a sold out crowd... Three points is what we were after so we're a little disappointed to only come away with a point but that's football. We have a quick turnaround now... We face a very good L.A. side at their place in two days. That's going to be a challenge. We'll digest this game tonight and then, quick turnaround and focus on the Galaxy.

On making his first start of the season...

First and foremost the center backs are out there to try and keep a clean sheet but it's a team game and we're out to win. It's not one person and this and that... There are things to work on obviously. We'll go back and look at stuff tonight on tape and be better next time.

What did you think of the partnership with fellow center back Matt Hedges?

It was very good, all night. He was good about telling me when I had a guy on my shoulder and vice-versa. Having Zach [Loyd] back there helped as well, a very experienced, awesome player. Raul [Fernandez] from the back was very good as well. Overall, communication in the back was very solid. AJ [Andrew Jacobson] and Michel were brilliant so it's something we can build off of.

Talk about the header you nearly scored on in the first half...

Yea... [Jair Benitez] whipped it in and I just pushed it a little past the far post. Would've been a massive goal, but that happens. We had our chances. You've got to put them away... I would've loved to have scored. It would have been the best way to start the game off. That was in the first five minutes... To nab a goal then would've been great, but like I said... It happens.