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Let's Talk About Kevin Alston and the All Star Game

With sad soccer news making the rounds, let's try and up the mood with a little positivity, eh?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Sad soccer news is what this week has been all about. Chucho Benitez died seemingly out of nowhere, and Stu Holden and Brek Shea were injured while finally returning from injury.

But there's one man out there who was dealt a crappy hand, and is coming out on top despite of it.

Leukemia? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Kevin Alston of the New England Revolution was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago, and went on the disabled list because of it. While his form of leukemia, which is called chronic myelogenous leukemia, is treatable and only 1% of people ever die from its progression, that's still a pretty sobering bit of news to get as a player. Thankfully, advancements in medicine have made it so survival is the standard.

That shouldn't diminish Alston's accomplishment though. Things like leukemia (in any form) have a way of shocking people into life altering changes, but the only thing that Alston has changed so far is his resume, which now includes "Leukemia Smasher".

He played an important role in preserving the Revs' lead against DC United in the last minutes of the game.

Kansas City is Soccer Crazed

The MLS All-Star game is much like any other All-Star game. It's more for the athletes and the hardcore fans who attend the event. The stars get to hobnob and mingle with their highly talented peers, and the fans get to see the league's marquee players all in one place. AS games get a bad rap (in the NFL's case, deservedly so), but they have their purpose.

What's impressive is that this particular AS game has taken KC by storm. A tweet from Kyle McCarthy of Fox Soccer reveals something I would have thought impossible just two years ago.

I don't know how full the stadium would be, but scalpers have good insight into the popularity of events. The concept of a scalper staking out an MLS AS game is simply stunning. I don't think the event is going to be a magical sports gala where the world will stop in its tracks to drool over our talent, but it's still a nice to consider it will be popular.

There have been tweets from media personalities that have been amazed at how lathered the city finds itself in MLS banners and posters. Cabbies are even in on the fun, which is a good sign. It seems MLS and the KC tourism board have done a nice job promoting the event. Can you imagine how wild/great it could get in Portland next year?

At least Fernandez is having fun, right? He says "You have no idea what the All Star game organization is like, it's impressive. There's events all day, and the fans make the vibe incredible. Good job @MLS."

If the athletes like it, it's good enough for me.

Will you be watching the All Star game tonight?