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Where are you at Bobby Warshaw?

The third year defensive midfielder has been missing in action as of late.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One question I've been getting for the last week from several folks is "where is Bobby Warshaw these days?". It was a pretty interesting question to get repeatedly over the weekend when Stoke City was in town to face FC Dallas. Usually when a main starter goes missing from practice for even a day, people take notice and it gets sorted out rather quickly.

But in the case of Warshaw, he actually hasn't been practicing all that much. That is what happens when you are a player further down the bench and deep in the depth charts. You go missing from a few practices and only a couple people might take notice. After all, Warshaw has only played 130 minutes this season, starting just one game and appearing in nine total.

I didn't take notice mainly because on Wednesday of last week, I had a talked to him briefly at the Gold Cup match out in Arlington and his spirits seemed well.

Really, why people began to talk more about was because of three things last week. First, at the club's press conference to introduce newly signed midfielder Mauro Diaz, Warshaw was no where to be seen. Secondly, in the club's new marketing campaign "Raise your red", the entire team is on the promo material except for Warshaw. Lastly, the midfielder wasn't on the bench for Saturday's friendly with Stoke.

So where is Warshaw you ask again? Third Degree's Steve Hunt got the scoop yesterday from FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo during the 1-1 draw between the FC Dallas reserves and the New York Red Bull reserves.

"Bobby wasn't happy with the amount of time that he was getting, so we're trying to find him a team to loan him [to]. We're doing that and I just thought it was a good idea to get him focused because I need everybody here focused on the team," Clavijo said. "I was just talking to him right now a couple minutes ago trying to find him [a team]. So we're working with his agent trying to find him a team to loan. Hopefully it happens in the next couple days.

"He came to coach and he came to me that he wasn't happy and I understood. I understood. Everybody wants to play, but we need to look at what is better for the team. The coach didn't have him in his plan at the time and I said let's find him a place. If he's not happy, I always say then we need to find places for these kids to play. He's one of them.

"It's been a couple weeks but he's been training here. He's been training with the academies and everything else," Clavijo said. "I just want to make sure he has an opportunity to go and do well."

So there you have it. Clavijo wants to get Warshaw a loan. My gut tells me he's trying to shop Warshaw to another club in MLS instead. But I could be wrong in that assumption.

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