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The Monday After Stoke: Youth Movement

Cooper Neill

I will keep this post short and to the point, as I watched league matches on Saturday night as opposed to the FCD one. Also, I'm reeling this morning from the news of the death of Chucho Benitez.

The rest of the league did their absolute best to help Dallas out as much as they can. As a matter of fact, Dallas has had quite a bit of luck during their current rut, as other teams have failed to really pounce on the chances that they have had to either overtake FCD or to bury them in the standings. Real Salt Lake lost, Portland lost, and LA lost.

The youth came out and at one point there were five FCD HG/academy players on the field. Kellyn Acosta by all accounts acquitted himself well and looked as comfortable as you could expect for a young guy facing off against a Premier League team. True, it's preseason for Stoke and not a lot of players are as (not) fit as you'd expect, but that's not the point. Acosta looked decent, which is as much as you can really ask for.

Mauro Diaz took the field and displayed a good first touch as I'm led to believe. First touch if one of those underrated, subtle skills that make a huge difference in an attacking player, especially if you're building out of the back.

Dallas got shut out again. This is a bit concerning, and it's only mildly mitigated by the fact that Stoke are a good defensive team.

Blas will be back soon, which will help the attack a little. Hopefully David will heal a bit and Diaz will blend quickly with the team. We could use all the help we can get going foward.

In the meantime, I'll raise a glass in memory of Chucho. He was only 27 years old.

What are your thoughts on Acosta, Diaz, and the game against Stoke?