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Schellas Hyndman Happy With Homegrown Players In Stoke City Friendly

Kellyn Acosta goes the full 90 while five other Homegrown players see quality minutes.


One thing about international friendlies is always about seeing young players get minutes. When FC Dallas hosted English Premier League side Stoke City over the weekend, Schellas Hyndman was able to do just that with his group of Homegrown players.

Six Homegrown players were on the roster Saturday night in Frisco, one got his first career start while the other four got considerable minutes in the second half.

Kellyn Acosta went the full 90 for FC Dallas in the 1-0 loss to Stoke but his play showed that he is certainly a future star for this club.

"Yeah, fantastic," said Hyndman when asked about Acosta's first minutes. "The boy's just turned 18, 18-years-old July 24, a young player. Plays with a lot of composure, put him in three different positions because he's capable of doing that.

"He distributed the ball well, right foot and left foot, won balls in the air and he's playing against million-dollar players, so very happy with him."

Hyndman was pleased with the other Homegrown players as well. He singled out Danny Garcia in his post game remarks, stating that he is a player that is going to be a good one for FC Dallas.

"Danny [Garcia] is going to be a good player for us," said Hyndman. "He's very technical. He's a left sided player. He makes pretty good decisions. He got taken down there for that free kick and I think he was just getting ready to hit a shot."

The second half saw Garcia join Acosta on the field as well as the subsitutions of London Woodberry, Victor Ulloa, Bradlee Baladez and Jonathan Top. Hyndman was happy to see the group on the field together and remarked that their level of familarity with one another shined against some top flight players from the English Premier League.

"I think the greater thing is their familiarity of playing with each other in training, not just playing with each other in the academy," said Hyndman.

Even with all of the excitement of seeing these six play together on the field for a long period of time, there is still a concern about when the next chance will be to get any of them minutes. Hyndman also stated that it is a concern that he and the club are working on correcting for the future here.

"We need to find a way that they can get more games," said Hyndman. "This is the flaw to the system of the academy going straight into the first team. There is a gap there. We need to fill that in, so that they can play in regular games and improve their craft.

"They need to play against good competition so that when they do have the opportunity to play with the first team, it is not an emotional or excitement for them only. Instead it is an opportunity for them to perform. I know we are constantly talking about how we can fill that gap."

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