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Stoke City Post Match Quote Sheet

A couple quick words with manager Mark Hughes and Geoff Cameron.

Cooper Neill

We're splitting up the quote sheet for this one. FC Dallas fell to Stoke City on Saturday night 1-0, the usual press conference afterwards was handled a little differently so we didn't get as many players as we would have hoped. Nevertheless we were able to snag Stoke City manager Mark Hughes and former Houston Dynamo defender Geoff Cameron after the match.

Mark Hughes
General thoughts

"We're happy with the result. I think we've still got a lot of things we can work on, but today was good for us because we were able to do a number of different formations with different personnel. We won the game as well. A lot of changes but we were able to cope with it."

On the competition level

"Very good, they're nice and bright. You can see that they're midway through their season, so they have that in-season charm that maybe we lack at the moment. But overall, that was a good test for us."

On the combination play he saw on the goal

"On occasion, we create a number of chances with good calm possession, good patient possession. That's what we're trying to bring to the club now. I was pleased with a lot of our movement patterns during the game and the goal was a good example of that."

Geoff Cameron
General thoughts

"Obviously, great competition, another good night for us fitness wise to push our threshold a little bit. We've got like three or four weeks left. It's a good test. Dallas is a good team. It's always good to get a win in preseason and get some confidence going a little bit, but I thought it was good minutes all around for the guys, played some good stuff, just limited the opportunities that they had and I think we're on the right track."

On returning to Texas

"It's always good to come back to Texas. I was surprised how hot it was, just kidding. I think playing down here in Texas is a good thing because you get much more out of your fitness. Playing in a game like this, being in thick air, it's hot, it's humid. You don't get that in England, so hopefully when we go back to England our threshold of fitness is much better than what it was when we left and it was a good test for us."