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Stoke City Press Conference

Quotes from Stoke City's manager and two players on Friday night at FC Dallas Stadium.

Chris Brunskill

Friday night was a pretty fun night for fans in Frisco. FC Dallas hosted a joint press conference with English side Stoke City ahead of their friendly on Saturday night. Below is the quotes from the Stoke side of the press conference.

Stoke City Manager Mark Hughes

How do you feel about Wednesday's 2-0 loss in Houston to kick off your three-game U.S. tour?

Yeah, we were delighted with the preparation game that we had in Houston. Ideally, we would have liked to had a positive result. That wasn't possible, but Houston played exceptionally well. From our point of view, it was more for preparation. It was our first real test and we knew it would be difficult for us because we'd traveled only 48 hours previous and maybe our body clocks were a little bit askew. But I thought in terms of what we were looking to get out of the game in terms of looking at things we worked on at home, we've had two weeks together and I was pleased with what I saw. We talked before the game about transferring the work that we'd done on the training pitch into matches and I think we did that to a certain extent. Overall, absolutely what we needed at this stage of our preparation because we've still got three weeks to go. The games that we've had are the right quality. They're good tests and that's what we need at this stage of our preparation.

The weather is definitely much cooler here than it was in Houston the other night, which has to make you happy, correct?

In comparison to Houston the other night, this is perfect. It was a little bit too warm for us. We came from something like 64 degrees I think when we left and we were playing in something like 100 degrees, so it was a little bit too much for us. You can ask the guys how they felt. I think their blood was boiling.

Would you rather have Brek Shea here with you instead of with the US national team?

Well, we haven't got the opportunity to see Brek yet but obviously he's playing with the national team. We're pleased that he's progressing. Ideally from my own point of view, I would prefer that he's with us and with the group so that we could work with him, but he's part of a team that's doing really very well and we wish him luck in the final.

Stoke City forward Peter Crouch

What did you think about playing in the hot weather on Wednesday night in Houston?

Far too hot for me to be honest.

You played in Dallas Cup 15 years ago. What do you remember about playing in that event?

I had a fantastic time, loved every minute of it. Having been to Dallas before, I recognize a few parts of it. Made me feel a little bit old, saying 15 years ago, but I think I was about 17 and we managed to get to the final of Dallas Cup. I remember it being a really well-run tournament and obviously to play in front of some big crowds and to manage to get to the final was a great achievement. Obviously, I was at Tottenham at the time and I remember playing Corinthians in the final. Being young and playing in front of a big crowd in the stadium, it was certainly a good learning experience for me and stood me in good stead, but that was my first time to the U.S. as well, so those are fond memories.

Stoke City defender Geoff Cameron

Talk about the adjustment process you went through last year, your first in the Premiership.

It was definitely a big adjustment, leaving Houston and going to Stoke versus the weather in general. I'm in 100-degree weather every day and dealing with minus-3, 4 every single day. That was a tough thing for me to deal with, but obviously the league itself, you're playing against the best players on the weekend so the fast pace, the physical presence of teams, everything is just a step up. And I think for me, my adjustment from the MLS and with the national team helped me out. I think it was a better process for me to adjust when I got over to Stoke and it's been great. It's been a fantastic year last year, great experience and hopefully another good year.

Since you played in Houston, does facing Dallas have a little extra bite for you?

Always. Houston obviously has a special place in my heart. I started my career there, so can't say anything bad about Houston and I can't say anything bad about Dallas either. It's just great to be back playing against a former rival team. It'll just be a good test for us to get out there, get some more fitness and get some more preparation for our game against Liverpool.