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A Mess At Cowboys Stadium For Tomorrow's Gold Cup Semifinals?

Just take a look at that field! Green sand?

Some love Cowboys Stadium, or Jerryworld as I love to call it. Others loathe it.

Well, after seeing tweets like this, I have a feeling many more will begin to side with the latter after tomorrow's Gold Cup semifinals matches between the United States and Honduras followed up by Mexico playing Panama.

A view from the corner flag will make for sun set pieces.

And then there is sand? This is used to fill in the gaps on the field. Yikes.

Like most NFL venues, it normally houses the fake stuff for a field. For this tournament they brought in some real grass but after seeing these images, they should have hosted another game first to get some of the iffy-ness out of it. The new grass was laid down this past weekend.

Oh, and there's a rumor that supporters won't be allowed to bring banners or drums to the matches. That is going to go over well with the El Tri faithful. At least they've banned vuvuzelas from this event.