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2013 Gold Cup: The Return of the United States National Team To Dallas

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The US Men's National team makes their return to Dallas for the first time what feels like a decade.


For fans of the United States Men's National Team in Dallas, this week has been a long time coming.

Dallas fans have not seen a US friendly or Cup match of this stature in over six years. The last time the US played in North Texas was back in late March of 2007 when the US hosted Guatemala in a friendly. FC Dallas Stadium hosted the US team a year prior to this game.

Sadly, the US men's team hasn't been back to the area since then.

Wednesday will mark one of the biggest games that North Texas has ever hosted the US team in as they are set to take on Honduras in the 2013 Gold Cup semifinals at 6pm CT at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

The timing of this game couldn't be better too for FC Dallas fans as it comes during a bye-week in league play.

We'll get to see the likes of our old pal Brek Shea, who has been coming off the bench for Jurgen Klinsmann as well as some stars that had a huge match against El Salvador on Sunday like Landon Donovan and Joe Corona.

Having the semifinal round here means a lot to the region. But it also means having a chance to see something special. The majority of US semifinal games in the Gold Cup have been noteworthy ones over the years. From the 1-0 win over Panama in 2011 to the epic 1-0 win over Brazil in 1998 (yes, back then CONCACAF would invite some folks from outside the region to the tournament).

The US have only lost twice in the semifinal round, both to Brazil. But for this writer, I recall games with Canada in 2007 and in 2002 as bigger matches in this round. The 2002 game against Canada was very memorable as it showed how good the US could be as they were preparing for their epic run in Korea/Japan. Landon Donovan began is big career with the US in that tournament as well.

Will you be heading out to Arlington tomorrow for the game? I plan to be in the crowd wearing my red, white and blue. Will you be staying for both semifinal match or just the US game?

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