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Montreal Manager Wants Suspension For Eric Hassli

A foul late in the game has the Impact's manager upset.


Last Saturday's 0-0 draw against the Montreal Impact was a long one for a few FC Dallas players. A long and frustrating one to be exact.

I've been pouring over some of the game footage today and a foul late in the match caught my eye that could cost one Dallas player another game or at the minimum a hefty fine.

Montreal manager Marco Schallibaum told the media afterwards on Saturday that he felt the foul by Eric Hassli on Davy Arnaud late in the match should warrant a suspension.

"It was a very big foul from Hassli today," Schällibaum told the media after the game. "If MLS looks at this on Monday, it's 100 percent a red card. But we'll see. If Sanna [Nyassi] get suspended for a little simulation [against Chivas USA on July 7], you can suspend others, too."

Hassli was booked on the play with a yellow card. With Dallas off for the weekend ahead in league play there is a chance we won't hear about the suspension until later this week or even early next week if there is an appeal by the team.

In order for the Disciplinary Committee to issue a suspension to Hassli, it will have to come to a unanmious decision that the play warranted a a clear and unequivocal red card, and that the play was of an egregious or reckless nature.

You be the judge of it.