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Midseason Additions Under Schellas Hyndman

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Taking a quick trip down memory lane for who has been brought in during the season under Schellas Hyndman.

Julian de Guzman, one of the midseason moves that just worked.
Julian de Guzman, one of the midseason moves that just worked.
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Since it is July and in soccer that usually means the transfer window is open and players are coming in left and right to mix things up.

So far this summer Dallas has added a midfielder in Brazilian Erick and could be adding a second midfielder in Mauro Diaz later this month. I thought it would be a good look at who Schellas Hyndman has brought in over the years during the season. Some moved worked as we all know while others turned out to be complete duds.

Hyndman took over for FC Dallas back in the summer of 2008. Keep in mind I'm only looking at midseason additions, offseason moves will be discussed here at a separate time, likely in the offseason.

The moves that worked

In 2009, Hyndman made several midseason moves to help re-tool his roster. It was during his first full season in Frisco that he brought in several players that helped shape the team that would eventually go to MLS Cup in 2010. In total he made six big moves, two of those were trades within Major League Soccer and the rest were just smart pickups.

Who did Hyndman snag that season? The list is fairly impressive as he brought in Atiba Harris in a trade from Chivas USA, Health Pearce on free transfer, Daniel Hernandez on a free transfer, Jair Benitez on loan, Marvin Chavez on loan and the big one Ugo Ihemelu in a trade with Colorado for Drew Moor.

All six of those moves were big and had a lasting impact on the club for a couple of years. Harris was arguably one of the more important players during that MLS Cup run, he would late be lost in the expansion draft to Vancouver. Chavez was a fan favorite and would likely still be one if he were still in a Hoops uniform.

Two of those players were former SMU guys under Hyndman (Ihemelu and Hernandez).

In 2010, Hyndman made another midseason move that we're still talking about today. While Jackson sure had had his ups and downs in a Dallas uniform, the pluses still outweigh the minuses.

And lastly, easily the biggest move in my mind by this club in the last few years was a simple trade with Toronto FC to snag Julian de Guzman away from the Reds. The move was huge as it helped make the Dallas midfield complete. Not to mention Dallas paid nothing for the guy and only had to give away a young player in Andrew Wiedeman to get him.

The middle of the road

There have only been a couple moves since 2008 that I would call okay. These weren't bad but they also weren't great either.

In 2008, Hyndman made his first move by trading with Colorado to get another former SMU guy in Bruno Guarda. Thankfully for the club, Guarda was a Generation adidas player for a couple seasons and didn't count towards the cap. The downside of the pick-up was that he never really reached his full potential in Dallas.

The next was in 2010, a depth pick for the MLS Cup run that didn't fully pan out in the end was forward Milton Rodriguez. He was mostly brought in to be behind Jeff Cunningham and mentor Ruben Luna. He was released in 2011.

The ugly

With every good pick up like a Pearce, or a de Guzman there have been plenty of duds in Dallas. Some that you likely won't even remember so I'll just go in order.

In 2008, Hyndman's second midseason pick up was a Dutch midfielder by the name of Victor Sikora. He played five games.

In 2011, the club got desperate as they were trying to deal with the CONCACAF Champions League. They brought in the following, Jack Stewart, a defender on loan from Minnesota. Not a horrible move but not one that panned out.

In the same year they also made two trades that were just bad in the end. The first was with Toronto as they brought in forward Miacon Santos in exchange for Eric Avila. He had two goals in 11 games but most will remember him for his dental work that he had done without telling the team. He would miss some games due to the painkillers that he was on. The second was trading Eric Alexander to Portland for Jeremy Hall. That was just an ill advised trade that went south in a hurry. At least the Hoops for a good draft pick from Toronto in the following year out of that one.

And last year, Hyndman and technical director Fernando Clavijo added forward Matias Jara late in the season. He arrived out of shape and out of a job after three months in Frisco.

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