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Around MLS: Slump Buddies

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Who can stop the Timbers? No one, that's who.


It was no fun for FCD fans to watch their team lose, and how, to RSL this Saturday.

Let's have some group therapy and work through these issues by talking about other teams.

For example, the Montreal Impact got throttled even worse than FCD did by the New York Red Bulls, losing 4-0 away at Red Bulls Arena. It began with Eric Alexander practically walking through the Montreal defense and scoring a nice goal, then Tim Cahill scored, and it continued all the way up until a penalty kick was scored for the last goal.

It's a little bit shocking to see Montreal lose by such a wide margin, but they (like FCD) haven't been right for a month now, so it was only a matter of time before they got blown out. Whether or not they've hit rock bottom is up for debate, but you have to imagine that losing in such a manner would hopefully be as bad as it gets.

As for New York, they should be happy to have stabilized their situation a bit. Having lost quite a bit recently, this win at home against the eastern conference leaders should help their morale and give their fans something to cheer for. At least they're not suffering from the intense Gold Cup pillaging that other rosters have.

The Houston Dynamo beat the New England Revolution, away no less, 2-1. Under normal circumstances, we pay Houston little mind unless they're playing Dallas, and we certainly aren't keen on praising them. But winning and scoring two goals at a very defensively stingy team is worth commending.

Especially when one of the two goals look something like this:

If that doesn't win goal of the week, it'll only be because Timbers fans voted for something else. That's a Goal of the Year candidate right there.

Houston hasn't been that hot lately, but this is a big result for them. The boost to team morale after their road woes for the past two seasons could be huge for their chances at righting the ship.

It's an ugly ship though.

The San Jose Earthquakes beat the Seattle Sounders 1-0 at Buck Shaw Stadium, making my prediction that the Sounders will win ("boot it", I believe was the phrase) look silly.

I honestly don't know what to make of the Sounders. They look like world beaters one game, and disoriented puppies the next. We kept hearing how fearsome they would be when Osvaldo Alonso, and it was a safe assumption to make. Alonso usually gives shape to the Sounders midfield and the added security allows their attack to flourish.

In this case, the attack produced as many goals as Dallas did (zero, in case you were wondering). Osvaldo Alonso did do something of note though. He managed to get himself suspended for the next game after a red card saw him off late in the game for shoving Dan Gargan.

Also, Steven Lenhart hurts people, in this case it was Michael Gspurning. As if MLS fans needed another reason to have issues with him.

The Portland Timbers beat the LA Galaxy 2-1.

This Timbers team is serious business. LA isn't what it was last year or the year before, but they're still a great team. True, it was a last second loss that could easily have been an impressive road draw for the Galaxy, but the Timbers won and that's all that counts in the end. Remember gentlemen: there are no points for second place.

The whole league keeps waiting for the Tiimbers to go into a slump, and they just aren't. The nine draws they have dampen their record, but it doesn't really matter in the long run. They're not quite 2011 Chicago in terms of draws, and they pass the eyeball test with flying colors.

I love what the Timbers do for MLS' exposure and reputation. I just wish it wasn't so obnoxious to read about it in every article ever written.

Food For Thought:

  1. Pick one team that you would like to be a fan of if you didn't follow FCD. Difficulty: Can't pick Portland, LA, or Seattle.
  2. Is Montreal showing their true colors? They have looked rather unimpressive lately.
  3. Better team: RSL or Portland?
  4. What are your thoughts on Seattle's up and down form?