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The Monday After RSL: Ugh


Most of us at Big D Soccer were in agreement:

This was the game FCD absolutely had to win to have a decent shot at having a suitable points haul in July. RSL would be missing starters, they have never won in Dallas, and the Hoops' unimpressive road form made it so that every little point gained at home is gold.

Well, they got pantsed in front a pretty nice crowd, by an RSL team that looked leagues better in the second half.

I would write about what was wrong with the team on Saturday, but we all know what was wrong, and it has been repeated rather a lot this past month and a half.

Here's how the story goes: Dallas get a lot of early chances, don't put them away, opposing team adjusts in the second half and run riot over the field, taking points away from FCD.

It's boring to write about. It was boring to watch the second half unfold, because you knew what was happening right before your eyes. The team adjusted, and Dallas had no answer.

It's unfair to say that Dallas was exclusively bad. They weren't. If it wasn't for the Deus ex Machina contiuously moving Kenny Cooper into perfect shot-blocking positions, Dallas could have been up two at the half. Castillo had a great game in many ways, and Keel again looked solid.

But things are definitely moving in the wrong direction. The mood isn't as light as it used to be, the midfield is a big mess, and the team is giving away goals at the same rate MLS threatens supporters' groups.

Things are definitely not right. So what do you fix?

Where do you start?

The Coach? He has been a problem, as the adjustments in games have been killing us in second halves. But it's unlikely he's quitting or getting fired, so best not to beat a dead horse.

The players? Some have already been called out, and some signatures have been secured or are being pursued to place pressure on those not meeting expectations.

It can't be the fans though. Not enough can be said about how great the stadium looked on MLS Live. If we have ever worried about our supporter cred as fans, rest assured that if it keeps moving in this direction things will look very different for our club. If that crowd vibe continues growing, those "hur hurrrr FCD has no fans empty stadium lol" jabs will be abandoned.

Whatever the case is, things are U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi!).

Here's to hoping things improve, and quickly.