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FC Dallas Stock Report - July 10

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Win-less for a long time can only mean the arrows are not happy.



Raul Fernandez

It seems that every week Raul is nominated for Save of the Week and for good reasons. Fernandez has been an absolute monster, saving the makeshift back line's back time after time. Raul has also been named the Fan XI goalkeeper for the MLS All Star game. That is excellent because FCD does not usually get love when it comes to fan voting. That just comes to show you just how good Fernandez has played this year. Superman has played out of his mind.

Ramon Nunez

When Ramon was signed, I was one of those who was giddy about this signing. FCD acquired him for relatively cheap and allowed him to rehab. Now, Nunez is back and ready to make an impact on this team going forward. In the short time he has played (74 minutes), Ramon has been impressive, even gathering an important assist in the process. I want Ramon to take the place of one of the wingers. Jackson or Castillo need to be on the bench along with Watson. Give Ramon a left or right midfield position and let's see if he can take some pressure off David and make magic happen.


Blas Perez - remains consistently persistent in the attack. Clearly our best player going forward so far.

Stephen Keel - is finally back from injury and playing sound defense at the back when called upon.

David Ferreira - doing as much as he can, but not getting the help needed when teams clamp down on him.


Kenny Cooper

Cooper has been playing out of position. Believe it or not, Jackson and Castillo are better than Kenny out wide and that is saying something. I feel bad when I put Coop in the stock down section because I wholeheartedly believe he is doing the best he can given the cards he has been dealt. I do not see him outplaying Blas Perez and taking that striker role from him any time soon, but, maybe with Blas getting called up to the Panamanian National Team, Kenny (and Hassli?) can find his stride and convince Schellas that it may be time to make a full time switch to a 4-4-2.

Bobby Warshaw

The signing of Erick could spell the end for one of our favorite locker room friendly individuals, Bobby Warshaw. Warshaw has not done enough to convince Schellas that he is capable of holding down the center of the pitch with AJ. When given playing time, Warshaw has not been horrible. He also has not been brilliant. He just does not seem to contribute much to the match when playing, arguably, one of the most important positions on the field, central midfield.

Fabian Castillo

Until he scores a goal or plays a game without missing twenty five chances, I am done with Castillo. We thought Jackson was the most frustrating player on this team. Castillo just might out do him. Why? Castillo's speed puts him in better situations than Jackson and finishes very few of those chances. When he is supposed to pass, he shoots. When he is supposed to shoot, he passes and puts other players in uncomfortable situations. This was supposed to be a breakout year for Fabian. So far, he has not cut it.

Schellas Hyndman

With all due respect coach, when your team has not won a match in over a month, it is time to tinker with the lineups a little bit. Schellas seems to have this fear of changing his lineup, not giving other guys the chance to successfully prove him wrong. He keeps going back to the same players, hoping that out of respect for him, they will eventually break out of their slump. Sometimes, you need a little controversy to light a fire under a player's butt to see what he can do. Half of the season is over, coach. Time to gear up for a playoff run. Make the changes necessary.

Food for thought:

1. Would you like to see Nunez get playing time in favor of DF10 or one of the wingers (Jackson/Castillo)?

2. Has Superman officially become one of the best keepers in the league?

3. Zimmerman or Keel?

4. Are you satisfied with Schellas and his line-up/substitution choices?