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FC Dallas Stock Report - June 19

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Time to check in on the arrows after the a cup win and a league loss....

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Raul Fernandez

See Portland game. Superman was on fire on Saturday. Sure, the back line was at fault for some of the chances created in the match, but the keeper had their back. In my opinion, Raul Fernandez has catapulted himself into, at least, the top five goalkeepers conversation. I would love to see him representing MLS at the All Star level, but fan voting, so far, has him third. I am excited to see how Raul continues to adjust to the MLS level. His instinct and reflexes are a joy to watch. If he can learn to limit his mental mistakes, Fernandez could be the best goalkeeper in MLS in a few years.

Kenny Cooper

First things first, I would like to wish Kenny Cooper Sr. the best and pray for a full recovery. It is unfortunate that Kenny was not able to play on Saturday because he has been hitting his stride as of late. His monster performance against Houston, thanks to Michel and his wizard-like crossing abilities, was a throwback Kenny performance. Just imagine, Blas was on a tear and Coop has began to hit his stride. If we can get those two on the field at the same time with these confidence levels, watch out MLS.

Zach Loyd

Zach is back. Loyd struggled at the beginning of the season, in my opinion, and was not the Zach Loyd we had grown accustomed to seeing. However, recently I have noticed that he is not getting caught out of position as much as he was at the beginning of the season and that he is contributing well to the attack. If Zach continues his play, I would like to see him get some USMNT experience and a Gold Cup call up.

FC Dallas Academy

FC Dallas has signed Danny Garcia to be the team's 11th Homegrown player. The academy continues to be the best in MLS, producing many talented individuals. The academy is well-coached and organized. In structure, the players come out hungry for playing time. It is now on the front office to find a place for these young stars to develop.


Jackson - A thorn in the thighs of the defense, but had a chance to equalize vs. PTFC and missed.

George John - Stud. He deserves a Gold Cup call up.

Michel - Can not say enough about how much set pieces have improved this season because of his service.


Schellas Hyndman

Coach Hyndman is being second-guessed by many FC Dallas fans for not taking natural strikers to back up Hassli on Saturday. My beef with Schellas continues to be his in game substitutions. On Saturday, no substitutions were made to alter the game in the coach's direction. That was due to the fact that no offensive player was available on the bench. Did Schellas choose to not name Ramon Nunez to the 18, or was he recovering? Regardless, this is a trend that I have noticed in Schellas. His substitution patterns tend to drive us insane.

FC Dallas Front Office

While the academy is trending up by continuing to produce quality young talent, the front office is not looking so good. How can that be? Is the academy not an extension of the front office? The academy is doing its job. Now, all that is left is to find a place for these young signings. They NEED to, now more than ever, find a way to get these kids playing time. I do not understand why some players have not been loaned out yet. Loan these players out or they will be a waste of talent and roster spaces. Is the answer sending these kids to college and having first crack at them when they graduate? No matter what, they cannot keep signing players and having these young guns rot on the bench. That is unfair to both the players and FC Dallas.

Jair Benitez

Jair has been playing well of late, but his hot-headed temper has gotten him in trouble once again. He has been suspended for Saturday's match vs. Sporting Kansas City. If Woodberry comes in and plays well, I don't think Jair could be starting for this team for a while.


1. Were you content with FC Dallas' effort on Saturday versus Portland?

2. Has Zach Loyd returned to the Zach we know and love?

3. Has Superman done enough to cover his occasional mental lapses in your opinion?