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Around MLS: Transfer Deadline Edition

With so many exciting things happening around FC Dallas during the trade deadline (exciting things such as not signing people), it's time to take a look at what some of the other clubs have done in the past few days.


Sadly for all of us who read this blog, FC Dallas did not get their transfer target in time, and as such will have to reattempt the signing process during the summer window. While preparations will be made in advance of said window, I think we can all hope the entire process will go better next go around.

How did other clubs fare in their dealings?

Kei Kamara: Moving from Norwich City to Sporting Kansas City

This isn't really much of a traditional transfer since Kei is simply returning from a loan, though it has about the same effect. Sporting has recovered from their early season doldrums and have managed to stabilize their club, sitting in second place in the eastern conference. Despite losses to the LA Galaxy and the Portland Timbers, Sporting has managed to keep their heads held high and recently dismantled Chivas. Even in their losses they looked a good team.

With that in mind, it will be scary to see what Kei Kamara can do now that he's had a taste of the big time back in jolly old England. The Sierra Leone forward acquitted himself quite well in the EPL, and if he can perform at the level he's accustomed to, SKC just got a lot better in the final third

It may not last though; scuttlebutt around Europe says there are several other clubs interested in sigining him as early as this summer, so it won't be long before those transfer rumors begin distracting him and the club again. It's impotant to note that Kamara was not returned from his loan because Norwich did not like his play; quite the contrary, he earned many plaudits with his aggressive style. With clubs sniffing around, it will make Kamara eager to continue excelling in order to attract a new European suitor.

Thank goodness we only face Sporting once per season.

Steven Caldwell: Moving from Birmingham City to Toronto FC

The Reds should feel pleased with this loan deal because, while it's short lived and only running through the end of June, it's said to include an option to purchase when the loan runs out. Caldwell has had a successful career in the top two divisions of English soccer, including stints with Newcastle United, Wigan Athletic and Sunderland. He also has 12 appeances with the Scottish National Team, though none of those have been against serious competition.

Regardless, the defending situation at Toronto is quite dire, so they will be happy to see him perform to his average and they surely hope to have him help lead the back line. With his composure stemming from competition at much higher levels, one can reasonably expect him to have a positive impact for the Reds.

If he's signed permanently, something at Toronto has got to give money-wise. Why? Because despite Caldwell probably being on reasonable wages, those wages would still be high by MLS standards. With Toronto overpaying for so many players, the axe will definitely fall on someone should Mr. Caldwell earn a purchase. There simply isn't enough money to go around.

Juan Agudelo: Moving from Chivas USA to the New England Revolution

This move had several people scratching their heads, and it isn't surprising considering both Chivas and the Revs don't have squeaky clean records when it comes to personnel choices.

Most of you are probably aware of Juan Agudelo, the former Red Bull Star of the Future who never quite lived up to his billing. After being traded by the New York Red Bulls due to their embarrassment of riches at forward, he ended up at Chivas USA where he was hit or miss for most of his time there.

He did have several nice performances earlier this season though, and perhaps New England are hoping to capitalize on his potentially surging form. With allocation money being the currency used for the move, one has to wonder what Chivas might be planning to do with the cash. Ives Galarcep speculated on twitter that Chivas might have use for Omar Salgado, the former 1st round draft pick for the Vancouver Whitecaps who has fallen by the wayside in the past year. Chivas were already well below the salary cap before the trade, so what good the allocation money does their organization is anybody's guess.

I don't quite understand what Chivas is trying to do if I'm honest. It's possible that because they're getting allocation cash (or GarberGold, as seen on twitter) from this that they will try and sign a big name (by MLS standards) player. Chivas has trouble scoring and having Agudelo, inconsistent though he may be, certainly helped them. Who can say why they got rid of Agudelo?

Chivas' decisions are confusing (as usual) but on the other hand, New England has reasons to feel good about this deal, especially if they didn't give up too much cash to get him. Just like Chivas, the Revs can't score either, and they have acquired a decent striker without having to give up a player. With Agudelo is in the last year of his deal this move is more of a rental, unless New England are looking to sign him long-term. That might be difficult for the Revs though, as Agudelo is rumored to be seeking DP money.

Well, good luck with that then Juan.

Pa Modou Kah: Moving from Al-Wehda (Saudi Arabia) to the Portland Timbers

Kah is a Norweigian defender whose family hails from Ghana (I had to look it up, as his name did not sound Norweigian or even remotely Scandinavian). I would imagine this is a signing bred out of necessity rather than preference, due to the injuries the Timbers have suffered in their squad.

I, like many, know close to nothing about Kah except that he's apparently considered good in Saudi Arabia. The Timbers better hope he works out, because Silvestre had managed to turn himself into a reliable defender on a team well short of reliable defenders.

Food for Thought:

  1. What's your theory or thoughts on the Juan Agudelo trade?
  2. With a new window coming up in June, is there anyone else besides the speculated targets you would like to see FCD pick up?