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Transfer Window Closes, FC Dallas Now Has To Wait For Summer Window

The hunt for a the mystery midfielder moves on for another couple of months as the MLS transfer window has closed.

FC Dallas Communications

All the transfer talk and rumors can now be put to rest for a few weeks. Well, sorta. FC Dallas did not make a big signing before last night's transfer deadline. To be fair, we shouldn't be too shocked by seeing that either considering how difficult it must have been for the club to sign someone like a Walter Ayovi before the deadline.

Now Fernando Clavijo must move on to the next transfer window in July. Based on his comments to MLSSoccer.comyesterday, he already has. Clavijo said he wouldn't stop at hunting down his primary target for the July window but he also hinted at another potential signing that could be just as interesting.

"It's funny because I had identified one [player] that I went to see [in Brazil], but it was somebody else that caught my attention," he explained. "Somebody who I knew from the past, from [them] playing internationally. Young, 22 ... but has some good experience. He's been playing on big teams and playing at a good level. Very good level."

You have to love the little bits of nuggets there. A 22-year old. Playing at high level. Most likely a midfielder, potentially even a defensive midfielder. Likely in South America. Who am I kidding, he's definitely a South American. That likely means he is either Colombian or Brazilian. Just a hunch there on my part.

While I don't have any specific names that any of my sources have given me so far, I was able to find a couple players out there that just might fit the bill. Based on some of the comments in that article, it may be safe to assume that this player is involved in the Copa Libertadores tournament at the moment. If that is the case, these few may be on the list for Clavijo.

Wellington (Sao Paulo) - Here is a 22-year old defensive midfielder that has played in 91 games so far for Sao Paulo. That fits the bill right there for good level experience on a big team.

Casemiro (Sao Paulo, on loan with Real Madrid B) - He's not 22 yet but this central midfielder would be a massive coup for the club. I mean holy smokes, he made a debut recent with the main Madrid squad. (Total wishful thinking I'm sure on my part with this one)

Guliherme (Corinthians) - The experience factor on this 22-year old is a little lacking but then again we don't truly know what Clavjio is defining as 'good level' here.

Edenilson (Corinthians) - He's actually 23-years old but the experience factor is what drew me to list his name. He's played a lot in the last couple of seasons and he appears to be pretty versatile - we know Schellas Hyndman loves some versatile players.

Wllington Nem (Fluminense) - Not 22-years old yet but good experience all around nonetheless. Even some Brazilian national team experience.

Then again it could be none of them too. It's still early in the process but one thing we do know is that Clavijo isn't looking to trade anyone from the roster just yet.

"We're not looking to trade any players whatsoever from this team," he said. "I'm happy with the roster."