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FC Dallas Fantasy Manager Watch: Week 11

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Two games this week could spell big points if you play your cards right.


Editorial note: Each week (or so) here at, we will take a look at the FC Dallas players you should be looking at to add to your Fantasy Manager team. To join the BDS group, use code 9134-1792.

FC Dallas was off in Week 10 as you all should know by now. If you played your cards right, you were able to keep one or more of your FC Dallas players on your bench during the off week.

This week is a big one for the club as FC Dallas hosts the Portland Timbers on Wednesday and then D.C. United on Saturday. Two chances for some big, big points if you play the cards right in the game.

Highlight pick

David Ferreira ($8.9M, 44 points) - Got some money to burn in your midfield? I'd take a chance on DF10 this week with the two games. Portland handles pressure well from opposing teams but one goal and four assists in three games all-time against Portland. And given how D.C. United is doing so far this season, I think Ferreira could shred that midfield apart with this passing on Saturday.

Three pack for Week 11

Can't afford Ferreira but still have a couple slots available for three FC Dallas players? Here is who I'd suggest for Week 11.

Matt Hedges ($5.7M, 63 points) - The goal in Vancouver has helped keep him in the game's overall Dream Team for now. But if you haven't put Hedges on your roster, what are you waiting for? His value continues to climb.

Raul Fernandez ($5.7M, 50 points) - Two games at home should be a good thing for Fernandez. He's more comfortable in the friendly confines of FC Dallas Stadium. Portland loves to shoot but their finishing has been suspect at times and D.C. United hasn't had much offense to write about this season (just four goals scored).

Fabian Castillo ($8.1M, 25 points) - He should start in place of Jackson on Wednesday, and if his performance is good enough, he may get another start on Saturday. This one is a part-gamble but it could also be a high-risk/high-reward type of pick.

Gamble pick

Kenny Cooper ($8.9M, 24 points) - I put Coop at the gamble spot solely because he hasn't produced a bunch lately. But against Portland last year while he was in New York he scored a goal and an assist in the lone meeting with the Timbers. He's typically done well against D.C. United too in the past. He could be a good pickup this week as he looks to get back on the scoresheet here.