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Narrowing the List of FC Dallas' Likely Targets

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Combining previous analysis with Clavijo's latest quotes to identify FCD's target

Paul Bereswill

Two weeks ago, Fernando Clavijo told MLSsoccer,com's Matt Barbour that the club was "strongly searching" for a quality midfielder who has a lot of experience and is a leader. Shortly thereafter, I dug through listings of players that will be out of contract soon in hope of narrowing conjecture.

Now FC Dallas' Technical Director Clavijo has dropped another hint to Barbour, stating that the player's current club is "trying to make a decision and finalize what they [started] and hopefully win the championship and allow the player to go." Some have assumed that this means the club must be in a cup final, but it could also mean that they can clinch a championship as their season closes out.

In another interesting passage, Clavijo says, ""We know that we are really against the wall with this, so hopefully we can make some decisions," after which Barbour adds "before the May 6 transfer deadline."

Indeed, if FCD doesn't sign anyone before 4 pm CT on Monday, they would either have to wait until the next window opens on July 9, or make a trade within MLS. Barbour's article also says that Clavijo confirmed FCD have a trade in mind as a plan B in case their international signing falls through.

Put that all together, and it could be useful to narrow the list I put together last week. Remember, every player below is ending their contract (or at least a loan) shortly, is a midfielder, and is at least 26:

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Two names stand out here:

Damián Álvarez

Damián Ariel Álvarez is a 34 year old midfielder who has one cap for Mexico and now plays for Tigres, who are tied with Club América atop Liga MX going into today's season-ending showdown between those two clubs.

Walter Ayoví

Walter Orlando Ayoví Corozo is a 33 year old midfielder who has 73 caps for Ecuador and now plays for Monterrey, who of course won the CCL final this week. It's unclear whether Clavijo's quotes predate that final or not, but I don't think we can rule him out.

No one within the FC Dallas front office has commented on either of these players publicly, but they are the only two I've found that fit Fernando Clavijo's stated criteria, and will be available before Monday"s MLS transfer deadline. Even if they don't sign anyone by 4pm Monday, another window will open up two months later. As Drew Epperley stated earlier, the targetted player is atop Dallas' discovery list, so his arrival seems to be a priority whether it happens sooner or later.