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Schellas Hyndman and Dan Hunt Give Update On Richard Sanchez

Both Dan Hunt and Schellas Hyndman told reporters on Thursday that Richard Sanchez remains apart of FC Dallas.

FC Dallas Communications

Well yesterday was fun wasn't it?

The talk about FC Dallas selling Homegrown keeper Richard Sanchez was all the rage.

Tigres of Mexico jumped the shark a bit by tweeting out the deal and then putting out a full press release on the matter.

Tigres VP Miguel Ángel Garza told La Afición that they had the documents signed and sealed.

"We've reached an agreement with MLS in the United States and Dallas so that he would become our player. We still don't have direct contact with his agent and the player, but the documents are signed."

FC Dallas struck a different tune about the deal.

Yesterday I was given a pretty stern "no comment" on the deal but today after practice Schellas Hyndman gave at least a few more words on the matter. Third Degree's Steve Hunt got the latest from Hyndman and the Gaffer didn't shoot down the talks but basically painted a picture that Sanchez isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"All I know is that Richard is a member of FC Dallas and he's got a long contract with us," Hyndman said. "I also know that he's competing with the Under-20s Mexican national team, so he's gone so much. He stays here seven days, he's gone a month. So we've never really thought about him being a serious No. 1 or No. 2 for us because he's never around. But we do see him being a player for us in the future, like I said a long-term contract."

FC Dallas club president Dan Hunt was also asked about the deal on his weekly Facebook fan chat.

Richard Sanchez is on a long-term contract with FC Dallas and is currently a part of our plans.

Both issues a similar message.

Obviously the club isn't going to comment at length about this until things are sorted out. But from what I have been able to gather is that Tigres screwed things up by announcing something that wasn't finalized yesterday. Does that mean this deal is dead? No, not entirely. But for the time being I would stop counting that transfer and allocation money until something comes from the offices up in Frisco.