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Game Grades: FC Dallas v San Jose

Fernandez earns MOTM honors for a standout performance.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A lot over slightly above average scores only because of all of the opportunities that San Jose had. If not for Fernandez, we are looking at a draw or a loss.

MOTM - GK Raul Fernandez

San Jose did enough to win this game, but Fernandez just wouldn't let that happen. Maybe his best game in an FC Dallas jersey to date.

Starting XI

HC Schellas Hyndman - 6.5

Hyndman pulled the right strings tonight. I think he could have brought in Hassli a little earlier, but overall, not much to complain about.

GK Fernandez - 8.0

Best performance of the year in the net for FCD. His saves near the end of the game were about as good as it gets. I think the only complaint you could have is from the early punch out that fell right to the feet of Bernardez. Could have had a stronger clearance but why nitpick? Well done by Fernandez.

D Jair Benitez - 6.0

Pretty solid overall. Didn't notice him get beat or get stuck out of position too much. I think Loyd faced more pressure on his side overall.

D Walker Zimmerman - 6.0

Can't ask for much more from the rookie. Had a great game aside from a few small mistakes. Hedges will add some needed stability to the back line but the future sure does look bright.

D George John - 6.5

GJ did what he do. Solid all night long. Strong in the air. Wasn't afraid to make a hard tackle. Lead the rookie and helped pitch a shutout.

D Zach Loyd - 5.5

Loyd was run at a lot by San Jose but he never faltered. A tiring night for the defense but any mistakes were cleaned up by the keeper.

M Je-Vaughn Watson - 6.0

Watson has really put together a solid stretch of games. I know it's easy to rag on him, but he is becoming much more consistent. Almost (should have) had a goal to put the game away at the end but hit the ball straight at Busch.

M Michel - 5.5

San Jose limited the amount of dangerous free kicks and Michel didn't get to use his best attribute for most of the night. He did lay the ball back perfectly to Hassli who ripped a shot over the bar as time was running down.

M Jackson - 5.5

His run at the beginning of the second half is what we expect out of him now. He controlled the ball well even after it was deflected by a defender and still rocketed a shot just wide. He wasn't as explosive overall as usual, but he always has to be accounted for.

M Fabian Castillo - 6.5

I'm still a little confused, did Castillo use his left to score the goal? If he is becoming more comfortable on his left, watch out. Speed kills, and it killed San Jose Saturday night. Castillo should have bagged another in the second half but his shot(with his right foot) was poorly taken. Go figure.

M David Ferreira - 6.5

I know the pass to Castillo wasn't a hard one, but it still had to keep Castillo in stride. DF10 was commanding the middle of the field as usual and causing havoc in the box. This is becoming redundant.

F Kenny Cooper - 3.5

Not a great game here. Hate that he had to pick up a knock but he probably could have been a half time substitution. San Jose had him locked down all night and he could never get anything going.


F Eric Hassli - 5.5

Hassli muscled the defense around as he usually does. His late shot attempt from the Michel back pass went just over the bar. It didn't count as a shot, but was one of the better rips of the night.

M Bobby Warshaw - N/A

Only played 7 minutes.

M/D Matt Hedges - N/A

Only played 4 minutes.