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Hyndman: Moises Hernandez Is Progressing Well In Costa Rica

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The Homegrown defender is doing well for Saprissa in Costa Rica.

Photo via Saprissa

Last Friday at training a familiar face was hanging around practice. At first it took a few of us media types to get it right but on second look it was indeed Moises Hernandez. The young Homegrown defender was back on break from Costa Rica where he has played this season with Saprissa on loan.

So far Schellas Hyndman has been pleased with the result of his two loans over the course of the last season and a half.

"Moises has done extremely well," Hyndman said of Hernandez. "We loaned him out last year to I think Comunicaciones of Guatemala and he found a way to get playing time. He became a starter. The coach that got the job at Saprissa was a big job, so he moved. First thing he did was contact us and say we want to take Moises with us. What has happened since he's been with Saprissa is he's been playing. He's learning their trade under a pretty vicious pressure environment."

The main positive Hyndman has seen in Hernandez during their talks both while he was away and while he's been in town is that he is progressing from a young boy into a man.

"You can really start to see a boy becoming more of a man, but he's living down there in a country. His family's with him-his wife, his child. But I think if you said Moises, where's your home? He'd say Dallas and that says a lot. A lot of people want to be back in Dallas," Hyndman said. "We continue to watch him every week and evaluate him. Right now, he's got another season down there or half season and then we'll have discussions about the future as time goes on."

One thing Hyndman was quick to say is how much he views Hernandez as a model of what the academy system is and should be at FC Dallas. Getting the right player to be willing to take on a big chance like a loan to a foreign country is never easy, which is why Hernandez is the model that Hyndman is looking for out of young players that are eagerly looking for more playing time.

"If I could use one word, he's the model of what our academy should be. Our academy should be yes, we want to identify players and bring them to the first team. But, if they're not ready to play, they should be loaned out and hopefully they'll be loaned out to good teams where they are playing," Hyndman said.

When asked if there were more potential loans on the way for other young players, Hyndman said that there have been talks but nothing concrete has been decided.

For those wondering when FC Dallas can get Hernandez back, keep waiting, he won't be available for play until 2014 when his loan ends.