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FC Dallas Fantasy Manager Update: Week 13

Back at home, time to gobble those points up again.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Editorial note: Each week (or so) here at, we will take a look at the FC Dallas players you should be looking at to add to your Fantasy Manager team. To join the BDS group, use code 9134-1792.

Ahhh, back at home. After last weeks' 4-2 loss for FC Dallas in Seattle, the Hoops are back home this weekend to battle the San Jose Earthquakes.

San Jose isn't quite the Supporters' Shield winning team that we saw out of them last season. Currently they are 3-4-6 on the season. Injuries have played a part in that but right now they are pretty healthy going into Saturday's game at FC Dallas.

As always you get three players in the Fantasy Manager game and I've gone through to pick out some players for you to consider for this week's game.

Highlight pick

Kenny Cooper ($8.9m, 38 points) - In two out of the last three games, Cooper has been pretty good as far as a striker goes in this game. Forwards have been very hot and cold this season and Cooper is no exception to that. Still, I like his ability to get into the right spot on set pieces here and lately he has shown he can do just that.

Three pack of picks

Don't like the Cooper selection? No worries, here are three FC Dallas players that you should have no problem picking up this week, if you don't already have them on your roster to begin with.

Michel ($5.9m, 81 points) - I have to admit, I wish I got Michel on my roster much earlier. His value has skyrocketed in this game. He's gone from a $5.0m value to nearly $6.0m. If he has another strong week, which he should if his set pieces are as on point as they've been lately, then you'll see his value go up further.

Andrew Jacobson ($6.0m, 41 points) - Yes, he's been out hurt these last three games but AJ should be back in the mix this weekend against the Quakes. That should help the point totals out as well.

Matt Hedges ($6.0m, 72 points) - Another consistent player in this game. His value has gone up in the same manner that Michel's has (he too started out at $5.0m) here. The last couple of games have seen a dip but with key players and potentially his partner George John back out there with him, it should help push his point totals back up.

Gamble Pick

Wanna take a risk? Try this guy.

Eric Hassli ($8.0m, 12 points) - I've been saying it for weeks but this guy is due for a goal. He is a big gamble but with Perez out this weekend, he stands a good shot at snagging that goal.