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Game Grades: Seattle v FC Dallas

Missed early chances, poor play, and a poor referee all led to a disappointing night in Seattle.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let's just get this over with.

MOTM - M Michel

It seemed like we were playing without any midfielders... but his free kick that found Cooper was great, as usual. Oh, and OLIMPICO!

Starting XI

HC Schellas Hyndman - 2.5

I know we had injuries and that a turf field shouldn't be allowed in MLS, but, the high offsides trap against an explosive offense with a rookie center back is a recipe for disaster. And, it was.

GK Raul Fernandez - 5.0

I know there were 4 goals scored, but it's hard to blame too many of them on him. Made some great reaction saves to keep us in the match. Seattle easily could have had 7 or 8.

D Jair Benitez - 5.0

I'm usually pretty critical on Benitez but he made some good defensive plays. Don't think any of the blown offside traps were his fault.

D Matt Hedges - 3.5

Touch to play next to a rookie who played like a rookie. As the "veteran" center back he had to be in control of the offside trap. It was beaten repeatedly.

D London Woodberry - 2.0

His youth really showed against a very athletic team. Running an offside trap all night really didn't help matters. Woodberry was beaten often and kept Seattle forwards on all night. Had another high kick on the first goal that could have resulted in a yellow or even a red if he would have made more contact. Has to get rid of that. Two games in a row.

D Zach Loyd - 3.0

Loyd had a bad turnover and then kept Seattle onside for a goal. Not a regular night for him. His passing is usually more crisp and his defending more solid.

M Je-Vaughn Watson - 4.0

Watson didn't play well, but he played better than a handful of players. Had some good runs going forward but still chased to much in the defensive third. Our midfield presence was nonexistent.

M Michel - 5.0

Other than his services his game wasn't that great, but he essentially provided our two goals. He need Jacobson to worry about cutting off passing lanes so he can focus on moving the ball forward.

M Jackson - 4.0

Not his explosive self. Made some good runs but that's about it. Had trouble controlling the ball on the turf, which I hate.

M/F Kenny Cooper - 5.0

Very instrumental in both goals. Was in perfect position on the free kick from Michel to not it into the back of the net and did a great job hindering the goalie on the Olimpico.

F Eric Hassli - 4.0

Seemed to have good positioning and struck the ball well a few times, but couldn't get past Gspurning and couldn't link up well with Cooper and Perez.

F Blas Perez - 4.0

Similar game as Hassli's. There just wasn't much cohesive play up top. His straight red was only because he made Gonzalez bleed. At worst that's a yellow. It was certainly not intentional.


M Fabian Castillo - 3.5

Castillo is almost always brought in to provide a spark to the offense and put the defense on their heels. Well, that didn't happen. No shots in his 26' minutes.

D Walker Zimmerman - N/A

Thrilled that he was able to come into the match but at this point is was basically decided. Didn't really have an opportunity to show what he can do.