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The Monday After Seattle: Leak Sprung

Losing by four goals in a game the entire fandom paid attention to is no fun, but neither is being scored on in such spectacular fashion (olimpicos have a tendency to distract).

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY

I think that result was to be expected.

I certainly expected it, and if you're honest with yourself, you probably did too. Dallas was missing two defensive linchpins, Ferreira sat out, and Seattle was/is on a pretty good run. Despite missing Mauro Rosales (and later in the game, Osvaldo Alonso), a team on fire is hard to stop.

It also doesn't help that, for the first time in a while, Schellas Hyndman's pre-game tactics were a bit suspect.

I understand the logic of trying to use a high-line, offside trap combo to limit Seattle's offensive capabilities, but doing so with London Woodberry as one of the centerbacks is a pretty tall order. The offside trap is a strategy that requires guile, and no small dose of knowledge of the opposing players' runs. Woodberry has been serviceable to this point and even better than expected, but asking him to read a dynamic offense he has never faced seems a step too far.

This was the first game where I thought Woodberry truly looked like a rookie in over his head. He was constantly beaten, pulled out of position several times, and generally was too slow reacting. It's to be expected from a kid who's new to the professional game, but it's still unpleasant to witness. Let's hope this doesn't crush his confidence and he can build from it. Managerial platitudes are there for a reason, right?

Some of the Sounders fans have accused FCD supporters of hiding behind excuses. We all know the excuses (injuries, turf, etc.), but I hope we can all be realistic and say that

a) all fans hide behind excuses, as it's a coping mechanism, and

b) Seattle won fair and square.

The Sounders were missing several important pieces as well, and scored four goals. Four. Mother Theresa could not have been more generous in handing out three points.

That's not a number to scoff at, and it points at defensive frailties that have all of a sudden become something of an issue. In the past three games, Dallas has allowed seven goals. That's an ugly number for a team that aspires to have one of the best defenses in the league. There are injuries, yes, but those goals don't care for excuses or justifications. The back line must improve if Dallas is to hold on to the top spot.

Seattle are one of the most dynamic offensive teams in the league, so it's no surprise to see them score several goals in a game. Perhaps this is a blip and Dallas will go back to defending solidly against the rest of the league. Perhaps this is all much ado about nothing, and FCD will go back to Frisco this weekend to take on a pretty tepid San Jose.

Here's hoping George John returns alongside Andrew Jacobson and David Ferreira. The best way to rebound from a bad loss is to pull out three points at home.

Losses happen to even the best teams, and we are one of the best teams. Seattle now have their day in the sun, and with two games in hand on the league leaders, they can feel confident in having a chance to close the gap.

Oh, and Michel's olimpico coupled with Houston's second consecutive home loss (to the toothless Revs) should take some of the media heat off our Toros this week.

Not a bad week to lose, all things considered.

What are your feelings on the way this weekend played out?