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US Open Cup Draw: FC Dallas To Hit The Road In Third Round

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Road to winning the 100th edition of the US Open Cup is a tough one for FC Dallas.

The 100th edition of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup is already under way but the big news today is where the MLS clubs were drawn into the tournament's third round. A coin flip was used to determine all venues for this round (and it will be the same way for every round for that matter this year).

With that, FC Dallas will hit the road in the third round when they play the winner of the NASL's Fort Lauderdale Strikers or the PDL's Laredo Heat.

Laredo was able to knock out PSA Elite 2-0 in the first round on Tuesday night.

Five games into the season, the Strikers are 1-3-1.

Their game will be played next week on May 21 with the match against FC Dallas set for May 28. That game will be sandwiched between the San Jose and Colorado games that are coming up. That will be a pretty rough trip going from Frisco, to either Laredo or Florida and then up to Colorado. I think the best FC Dallas can hope for is an upset by Laredo here.

FC Dallas wasn't the only MLS club to get a tough road trip to start the third round, in fact, three other clubs got road trips to start out their USOC journey. Also, there are potentially 11 matchups that could see MLS clubs on the road.