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Game Grades: FC Dallas v Portland

FC Dallas draws Portland as Woodberry gets his first start.

Chill. I got this.
Chill. I got this.
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Game grades are going to be a delayed 2-part series. I was moving all week, so there ya have it. On to the Portland game…


Raul Fernandez

Boy did he make some great saves in the first half. Didn’t make many mistakes, if any, and can’t really fault him for the goal either. Well played game.

Starting XI

GK Fernandez – 8.0

Fernandez had a great game, as did his counterpart. His saves early on really kept this one close. If it would have gotten to 2-0 in the first half it could have gotten out of hand.

D Jair Benitez – 4.0

Wasn’t impressed by Jair in this game, but I’m a hater already. Had a few turnovers in the second half that could have led to a goal. If Michel didn’t help out the midfield so much I would love to see him start here. Or Woodberry.

D Matt Hedges 6.5

Hedges was solid again, like usual. Rarely makes bad plays and is good in the air in both the attacking and defending thirds of the field. Did well to play with Woodberry and limit chances from an extremely athletic attack.

D London Woodberry 5.0

Love that he started and played a decent first match. Had some early turnovers and miss placed passes. His high kick was very dangerous and we were lucky nothing bad came out of it.

D Zach Loyd – 6.0

Loyd was great going forward again. Works very well with whatever midfielder is on his side and isn’t afraid to curl a ball into the box.

M Je-Vaughn Watson – 3.5

I’ve always been an onlooker to the Watson Hater’s Club but this game was a tough one. Always, always chasing. Very annoying

M Michel – 5.5

Michel plays better with AJ. No question. Had a few great free kicks and corners like normal. Hate to see him subbed out and not go 90’. No one has his ability on free kicks and our set pieces have been dangerous

M Fabian Castillo – 6.5

GD the kid is fast. I wish his brain is as fast as he is. So dangerous early and often and kept the Timbers defenders on their heels. Can be such a game changer in small bursts.

M David Ferreira – 5.5

Wish he didn’t have to come out as early. Had a few good chances but whiffed on a gift. Expect him to bury those more often.

M Kenny Cooper – 6.0

Didn’t have many notes here. I’ll give him some credit for stepping up and nailing the PK. He gave 100% as usual and that’s credit enough. #lunchpail

F Blas Perez – Oscar Winner (Actor in a Leading Role)

So he might have initiated the contact that drew the PK. He is a bit of an actor normally anyways. Played well up top as usual and did surprisingly well dropping back and playing more as a facilitator.


I hate it when people take a volley from way outside the box, especially late in a game. The chances that it actually goes in are very slim and often result in a goal kick. So. Frustrating. And Warshaw has no reason to be doing it anyway.

Part 2 tomorrow!