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FC Dallas Injury Update: Wait and See On Ferreira

The latest injury report is in, and DF10 isn't listed on it.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It is Friday, so that means a typical injury report is out for FC Dallas. Just as the weeks before, the usual suspects are on it in terms of the injured reserve but the list below that has shrunk a good bit going into the D.C. United game on Saturday.

The big question still remains, will David Ferreira be able to go on Saturday? He isn't listed on the report given by the club as his hamstring issue on Wednesday turned out to be more of a cramp than a pull. He did sit out practice yesterday as well as today but Schellas Hyndman told reporters that if he is good to go, he'll go.

My gut tells me he'll go.

IR: Ugo Ihemelu (concussion symptoms), Peter Luccin (torn ACL)

Questionable: George John (knee strain), Stephen Keel (quad strain), Andrew Jacobson (hamstring strain)

So there you go.

Hyndman said today at practice that all three (AJ, John and DF10) would be a game time decision.

"All three are going to be questionable, or game-day decisions," said Hyndman following training today. "The thing we don't want to do is put a player into jeopardy to make it worse for the next week. But if one of them is able to play, great, and if all three are able to play that is even better. If not we have shown we have some depth on this team that will go out and be fine."

Both Jacobson and John didn't practiced yesterday or today either. Both were seen on the side with Ferreira doing light drills.

My gut tells me that at least one of those two will play tomorrow, maybe Jacobson. I can't see a situation where Hyndman would want to risk losing John for longer by bringing him back too soon.