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Might We See More Of The Three Headed Monster?

Should David Ferreira not be able to go on Saturday, could Schellas Hyndman deploy the three headed monster up front?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Call them the three headed monster, the bash bothers or whatever trio nickname you want.

It is something that fans have been asking for nearly all season. From the moment that FC Dallas introduced Eric Hassli and Kenny Cooper to the club, fans began to wonder what it would be like to see those two along with Blas Perez on the field at the same time.

On Wednesday, fans got a sneak preview of some sorts of what it could be like. David Ferreira went down early in the second half with a hamstring pull and FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman immediately brought in Hassli.

That move allowed Dallas to have the three big forwards on the field together for the first time in 2013.

"When you have a player like [Eric] Hassli coming in, he caused them a lot of problems," said Hyndman following the 1-1 draw against the Portland Timbers. "Eric and Blas were very good tonight: combining, intelligence, working with each other. And I hope like me, all of you, wondered what it would be like to have those three on the field together. This was a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about ourselves."

With those three on the field Wednesday night, they combined for four shots on target, six shots overall and one goal from the penalty spot. Oddly enough all of the shots from Cooper and Perez in the game came in the second half with Hassli on the field.

The three were vital in getting Dallas back in the game with Portland once the Timbers went ahead in the 70th minute. One quick look at their chalkboard stats too shows how many layoffs they had to one another as well.

"I thought the team was combining well, we were knocking balls up top to Eric and Blas," said Kenny Cooper. "Those two battles so hard and combined really well too. They are both big guys, strong and very physical but obviously they are great with their feet."

One thing you can see right now too is that once Hassli comes on the team does change quite a bit up front. Not just the physical presence of the Frenchman but the style of play. Dallas was more keen on banging the ball up to him and the other two to play off one another. And with Hassli it is almost like his first goal in a Dallas uniform is right around the corner.

Naturally this is Ferreria's club and the team certainly plays better with him on the field but it is possible to think that Hyndman could employ this look once again on Saturday against D.C. United.

"This is David's team and the team plays better with him. He dictates the game. But I thought our guys were prepared to go right (without him)," said Hyndman.