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Latest On Andrew Jacobson and George John

Bye week helps players like George John and Andrew Jacobson get back to full strength.

It was a scare but AJ should be good to go next week.
It was a scare but AJ should be good to go next week.

This bye week couldn't have come at a better time for FC Dallas.

By now you've probably seen this article over at the Dallas Morning News soccer blog (also known as Third Degree). The updates are good according to Steve Hunt, who got Schellas Hyndman to speak about it yesterday after training.

"Yeah, they both did MRIs yesterday and in their MRIs, we haven't got the response yet but X-rays on George [John] show there was nothing there. So we're waiting, but they both feel a lot better," Hyndman said.

From what I've been told by a couple of sources, both players should be good to go come next Wednesday. They both sat out the training session yesterday for the club and today the first team was off while the Reserves played in Chicago. That extra bit of rest is key for not only John and Jacobson but for other guys like Matt Hedges, Michel, Jair Benitez and Raul Fernandez. At some point over the last month, all of those players have been carrying some minor injury.

You could easily say the early subs by Hyndman against the Vancouver Whitecaps were a smart precautionary move on the gaffer's part. We saw it earlier in the season in Toronto when Hyndman subbed John out early due to a possible concussion. After a season of dealing with one injury after the other in 2012, Hyndman appears willing to not gamble on players' health as much as he once did.

I've been told by the club that there won't be an official word on these players until Monday*. But given the time off today and the days off this weekend for the players, we should expect FC Dallas to field their usual squad on Wednesday against the Portland Timbers.

(* hopefully I'll also have a better update on Ramon Nunez, Stephen Keel and Walker Zimmerman at that point as well. All three have been training this week, none made it to Chicago for the Reserve game however)