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Quick George John Update

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Veteran defender was forced to leave Saturday's game with a head injury


It was all precautionary.

That is the word that I was told earlier today from FC Dallas in regards to defender George John's head injury. The veteran defender was forced to leave Saturday's 2-2 draw at Toronto FC at halftime in favor of rookie London Woodberry.

The team is very cautious with these types of injuries, even more so now days thanks to the research that is out there and the rules that are in place by the league on head injuries.

John's injury was a turning point in Saturday's draw at Toronto. It wasn't that Woodberry played bad, it just meant that a veteran player like John was forced to the sideline earlier than anyone would have liked.

We'll know more for sure about John's status for Saturday's game with the LA Galaxy on Wednesday. The club wouldn't release an official statement until then. But thankfully John took to Twitter yesterday and was in good spirits.

Don't forget that FC Dallas returns to practice tomorrow night at SMU's Westcott Field.