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Quote Sheet: Reaction Following FC Dallas Draw Against Toronto FC

Post-game reaction from Hyndman, Jacobson and Loyd.


Time to let the players and coaches speak. Here is what they had to say following Saturday's 2-2 draw against Toronto FC.

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

What did you think of the game?

We were pleased with the way we played except for the last 10 minutes. Toronto really picked up the pace. They started shoving a lot of people forward. We fell into the trap of just trying to clear the ball. [Fabian] Castillo had a great chance one-on-one with the ‘keeper and missed it. The pressure was just so great. Give Toronto a lot of credit for never dying. They showed great mentality at the end.

What was the difference between this year's Toronto and last year's Toronto?

They are a much better team, a more balanced team, and they had some injuries but they are only going to get better. They seem to be working for each other and they are playing with a tactical sense of mentality. I don't think last year's team would have come back from being down 2-0.

Was the weather a factor?

We come to this climate only to leave. We are excited about going [home]. It is difficult for the players. The breathing is difficult but the most difficult thing for us was the field. The field was very bumpy, the grass is very thick and I can see how Toronto can cause teams problems.

FC Dallas midfielder Andrew Jacobson

What is your opinion on why or how the game changed?

We went up two goals and they are the home team so they have nothing to lose. You got to give credit to them, they showed great team spirit and they threw a lot of guys forward. We can do a lot better but they did a very good job [coming from behind].

What is the reason for giving up so many late goals in games?

That is something we need to address. We put in a fantastic 85 minutes and we need to learn how to deal with [pressure] because there will be more games where we will be up and those will be the kind of games we need to see out.

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd

What are your thoughts on the game?

I thought we came out and played well. We got a two goal lead but we kind of took our foot off the pedal and started sitting in and tried to kill the game instead of continuing to play. We took a lot of pressure in the last 30 minutes and I tip my hat to Toronto, they were down two goals and they showed a lot of resilience to come back and get two goals. Going forward with leads we need to not take our foot off the pedal and keep possession. All the pressure we tried to absorb in the final 30 minutes was just too much to handle.

Still, a solid road swing for FC Dallas with four points in two matches?

Yea, we come out with four points so from that perspective it was a great road trip. It was frustrating not to get the six points after being up two goals here today but we are very happy to come away with four points. Now, we get two home games where we hope to win both of them and stay at the top of the table.