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FC Dallas Gives Away Points In 2-2 With Toronto FC

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Five minute stretch hands Toronto a point after FC Dallas held a 2-0 lead.


Well that was...disappointing.

FC Dallas gave away a 2-0 lead to leave Canada on Saturday with a 2-2 draw against Toronto FC.

Toronto got two goals in the final ten minutes of the game from Justin Braun and Darrel Russell to erase two wonderful goals from Andrew Jacobson and Blas Perez.

Dallas controlled the game from the start by dominating possession in the first half. The tempo was just where it needed it to be for the attack as David Ferreira and Jackson Goncalves were able to set up things. The team was very active on and off the ball and that helped lead to the first goal.

Jacobson got on the end of a wonderful free kick ball by Michel to give Dallas the first lead of the day. It was Jacobson's second goal of the season and second off a free kick.

Just after the start of the season half things were still going Dallas' way as Michel picked off a Toronto pass at midfield and then fed Jackson the ball. The Brazilian midfielder then sent a perfect ball into the top of the penalty box to Perez, who had not trouble slotting home his second goal of the season.

But all of that was not to be as Toronto staged a comeback. Once again it was a defensive blunder, this time by Matt Hedges to help set up the first Toronto goal by Braun. The game-tying goal by Russell however was just good pressure by the Reds to set up a wonder-strike by Russell.

Reactions to the game:

Strong start, weak finish. Injuries to George John at halftime didn't help but the late-game issues in the back are starting to be a real problem for FC Dallas. Either its communication between Raul Fernandez and his back line or it is just bad luck in some ways. Either way you spin it these are errors that have to be fixed and thankfully can be fixed.

Attack looks to be into form. For 70 minutes or so the FC Dallas attack was something to watch. There was some good fluid nature about their possession and the two goals were due to smart playing up front. Schellas Hyndman has to be happy about where the offense is starting to go here this season.

Toss up for MOTM. For me it came down to Jacobson and Jackson. AJ was dominant on both ends of the ball and helped keep Robert Earnshaw quiet on the afternoon. Jackson on the other hand had one of his days where he was a handful for the other team. And that ball to

Disappointing finish. Hate to bring it up again but the end of the game was just disappointing like no other. I'm sure most of you will be frustrated with it like I am but the silver lining here in all of this is that FC Dallas will still remain in the lead in the Western Conference.

We'll have more from this game in the coming days...stick around.