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Recapping the Rankings: Where FC Dallas Stands After Week 9

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Taking in all of the 'major' Power Rankings to see what everyone is saying about FC Dallas.

Yep, Schellas seems to know where most rank FCD this week.
Yep, Schellas seems to know where most rank FCD this week.

Another week in the books, which of course means there are lots of Power Rankings out there to discuss, laugh at, point fun of, get worked up about and more.

Last week everyone and their brother had FC Dallas at the top of their rankings. Justifiably so when you looked at how well they had been playing. But naturally one shaky result has people second guessing the club once again.

Rank: 2 (last week 1)

Comment: On the face of it, a 2-2 draw on the road is a pretty good result. But it came at the price of two starters going off injured, a third going off under the influence of the red mist and a two-goal lead coughed up in the interim. Hey, at least they got the point.


Rank: 2 (last week 1)

Comment: A Canadian case of deja vu. Weeks after blowing a late lead in Toronto, Dallas did the same in Vancouver. Beyond the two points dropped, the bigger concern will be injuries to George John and Andrew Jacobson, both critical to how FCD defends.

Soccer by Ives:

Rank: 2 (last week 1)

Comment: Blowing a two-goal lead certainly didn't make the league leaders look like a juggernaut, but losing George John and Andrew Jacobson to injury clearly took its toll on the squad. A bye week comes at a perfect time for the squad to get healthy, but it could also mean a chance for the Galaxy to close the gap atop the West.

Soccer America:

Rank 1 (last week 1)

Comment: FCD cruised to a 2-0 lead with an own goal and a Matt Hedges' header of a wayward ball knocked back toward the keeper, but it quickly conceded twice after Jackson was sent off for swatting Alain Rochat in the face. Still, a seven-game unbeaten streak that includes five wins is no fluke.

Sporting News:

Rank 2 (last week 1)

Comment: Those flashes of iffy temperament revealed in Vancouver? They provide one of the flaws that could ultimately bring this side tumbling down. Injuries to steady figures Andrew Jacobson and George John don't help the cause, either.

Note: the same rankings seem to appear on as well.