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Big D Soccer Player of the Month: April

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Time to vote on who was the top performer in the month of April for FC Dallas.


One more month is in the books for FC Dallas. That means it is now time to vote for who you think was the top player for the month of April for FC Dallas. Some players stood out in the month while collectively the team continued to perform well as the second month of the season comes to a close.

This list has no real order once more. Here are four players that I am nominating for the top billing this month. You can always choose "other" in the poll below but be sure to include your comment in the section below so we know who that "other" vote is going to here!

Voting will end on Friday, so make your vote count.

Andrew Jacobson (4 games played, 4 starts, 1 goal in April)

The injury in Vancouver may hurt him here but overall I felt this was AJ's strongest month to date with the club. He scored another goal early in the month at Toronto and was absolutely dominant in the midfield during the two home matches with Vancouver and LA.

Michel (4 games played, 4 starts, 1 assist)

You really could count at least two or even three more assists here for Michel. He has contributed on a lot of FC Dallas goals this season. His set piece ability is very strong but what I like most is his ability to slice the other team up with his field switching. He may have struggled a little against the Galaxy but overall I love where things are going with Michel in the midfield.

George John (4 games played, 4 starts, 1 goal)

You could argue that he deserves two goals on the month but the own goal at home against Vancouver won't stand. John did have to come out of two games this month with injuries which is a concern but when he is on the field he is clearly the club's best defender. Dominant in the air, strong on the ground with his feet and a real force in the back.

Raul Fernandez (4 games played, 4 starts, 16 saves)

Some of you may still not be fans of this man but looking back on the games in April, FC Dallas would not have gotten three points against the LA Galaxy had it not been for his big stops on Mike Magee and a penalty kick save on Landon Donovan. He also came up big this last Saturday on the road with seven saves. Sure he let two in but I firmly believe he helped keep the road draw in tact with some of those saves. His communication is improving with his defense too.

Others missing out:

Blas Perez - 2 goals

David Ferreira - 4 starts, helped contribute to the attack as always

Zach Loyd - some big moments in the month, he helped lock down the right side of the field in a couple matches

Matt Hedges - 1 goal but also some big moments in the defense when George John was missing