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Big D Soccer News Update 4/26

Jair Benitez get's cap #100, Vancouver gets bent out of shape over an FCD video, and never (EVER!!) mess with a crime lord's girlfriend.

It's ok Rennie....really.
It's ok Rennie....really.

Howdy folks! FC Dallas heads up north for round 2 with the Vancouver Whitecaps this Saturday and (at least Vancouver fans are hoping) FCD is sure to see better quality side from Vancouver than they saw in Frisco last weekend.

FC Dallas

You may have heard that Jair Benitez joined the FC Dallas Century Club with his 100th appearance for the team last Saturday against Vancouver. Daniel Robertson over at (that's still weird to me to know what I mean) wrote a great story about the fiery Colombian and the two sides of Jair that we've all seen during his time here in Frisco.

The road to 100 starts has been a relatively unlikely one for the man from southwest Colombia, and while his English isn't where he'd like it to be - he swears this year is the one he finally learns it - Benitez has a house, two kids and plans to remain in Texas long after retirement.

"No, I really didn’t [think I would be in MLS for long.] I thought I’d be here for a very short period, but it’s been four years," said Benitez. "I’d like to stay here [for a few more years] and finish my career with this team."

"Fiery" is a great way to describe Jair. He's one of the guys you can always count on to give you 100% effort out on the pitch and his attitude adjustment has definitely showed this season.

Daniel also sat down with Jair for a Q & A session about his time here in Frisco and what his nickname mean.

Explain the origin of your nickname "Chigüi" AKA Chigüiro (Pronouncd CHEE-WEE)

A friend of mine in my neighborhood when I was small, maybe ten years old, he called me that and ever since then it’s stuck. People around Colombia have always known me as that.

*Note: The Chigüiro is a mammal known in America as the Capybara. It's the largest rodent in the world and a common food around South America.

I don't know how those of us in the Beer Garden never knew about this awesome nickname but I'm sure it will get worked into a chant somehow. Keep your ears open for it in a couple of weeks when the Hoops return to Frisco.'s FC Dallas writer Corey Jensen wrote a great piece about the different game that FC Dallas will be (most probably) facing on the road this time around against Vancouver.

The series with Vancouver, that is playing the return match so quickly, is interesting on multiple levels. For one, Vancouver should hardly be expected, barring any major injuries, to field the same weakened side that played in Frisco. Secondly, the Whitecaps may be buoyed by that point by winning the Canadian championship. Momentum for Vancouver could prove deadly for Dallas.

Hyndman, however, won’t have to even think about a squad alteration, unless it’s due to the rise or fall in form in training of a given player: the team has a week and a half between away matches in Vancouver and in Portland.

I don't give Corey much love on these updates but head over and give his stuff a read. It's always solid and he has a great writing style. He's quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

I have to give a tip of the hat to the FC Dallas media department and their hilarious videos this year taking some shots at our opponents. Here's the latest video about "Vancouvering".

I hope you all got to see the @WhitecapsFC Twitter account and the way they got really butt hurt about this video. In my opinion that's what you get for your terrible Texas video last week. Some of their responses don't even make sense!

Boom?? Is that supposed to be an insult or do I just not get it?

My favorite response was this one directly from the @WhitecapsFC account:

.......... I'm not really sure what they intended by this tweet. My guess is that they just wanted to reminisce about when they used to score goals. What ever the intention thanks so much for reminding us of Hassli's ability when he's 100%. If you think we're dangerous now just wait until Hassli is at full health.

The one that really bothered me was this one.

The clip that the Whitecaps Front Office conveniently forgot to add into this stupid little montage was the video of Jonathan Leathers breaking David Ferreira's ankle in 2011... How convenient. Is there some bizarre Canadian sense of humor that I just don't get?

Know Thine Enemy

I want to just write: "We beat them 2-0 last week" and leave it at that, however Whitecaps SB Nation blog Eighty Six Forever had some not nice things to say about their team and it's coach over this last week. Writer Jon Szekeres writes about the 'caps unconvincing mid week win against FC Edmonton in their "Syrup Cup" game.

It wasn't supposed to be this close, was it? A field of rested Whitecaps, missing only Kenny Miller, squeaking out a win? Having to overcome a defecit [sic] ? Needing a penalty to get back in the contest? What the hell just happened? In any case, a win is a win, and the Whitecaps got one tonight. However, the manner in which it was done will leave many shaking their heads, fearful of the season ahead.

Didn't the Whitecaps supposedly rest their "top" players against us specifically for this game? Good call.

Rob R. Scott penned what he calls a "rant" against some of the choices his favorite team has been making as of late.

"Our all. Our honour." That's this year's marketing blurb for the Vancouver Whitecaps in year three of Major League Soccer. Please excuse me, Mssrs. Lenarduzzi and Rennie, but what a crock!

...This past Saturday in Frisco, Texas the Vancouver Whitecaps, our knights in white, did not deliver their collective all, and certainly failed to bring any honour to themselves, or the franchise. From player selection through to on-field performance (with the exception of Joe Cannon), the message was clear: surrender!


US National Teams

Earlier this week Jurgen Klinsmann was asked about Landon Donovan returning to the USMNT and his response is exactly what I wanted to hear from the head coach: He has to earn it.'s Alex Labidou has the story.

"There are a lot of questions," Klinsmann said. "Looking back now, over the last two years that we've been in charge of the program, there have been a lot of players who have joined the program and are making a big impact, showing that they are 1,000 percent committed to the cause and to the team and have placed themselves in a very strong position.

"There are players clearly ahead of Landon now."

The most encouraging thing to me was Landon's response to Klinsmann's statements: I agree. Scott French at has this story.

"I agree with him," Donovan said following the Galaxy's training session Thursday morning. "Just because you score a goal and have a good game doesn't mean you're a national team player. And I've said from the beginning that I have to earn my way back, and playing one good game doesn't earn your way back. I still have a long way to go."

Both of these statements to me are very positive things. Klinsmann is refusing to just hand a spot to anyone, regardless of past glories, and Donovan not only says he understands and agrees with Jurgen, but seems to WANT to be a part of the team again. Let's hope that LD can get back to form and again become a leader on the USMNT.

Another player that needs to earn his spot back is Carlos Bocanegra, and Klinsmann has warned Boca that a return to Glasgow Rangers is probably not the best option for him right now. Alex Labidou for with the write up.

"Next year, they [Rangers] are in the second division which is the third highest division in Scotland. Rangers is Rangers, one of the biggest clubs in history. But that division in Scotland, I'm not sure if that's where you want to be," Klinsmann explained. "Players make their own decisions and they have to deal with the consequences of that."

Even though his experiments have had mixed returns I have to say that I really appreciate the way Klinsmann isn't afraid to tell veteran players that they either play up to the level he expects or risk not being on the team.'s Mike Woitalla spoke with US National Futsal coach Keith Tozer about the announcement that US Soccer would start including Futsal in its U13/14 programs.

"One thing I’ll never forget is when I was in Madrid for my FIFA [futsal] instructor conference. The president of the Spanish futbol federation opened it up. He said one reason why the World Cup trophy is in the building next door is because many years ago, Spain decided that futsal needed to be part of the youth development in Spain.

I’m extremely excited that now our Federation has stamped it and said it must be part of our youth development. There’s nothing but an upswing to what is going to transpire."

An exciting development for US Soccer that will surely help development of future US players.


The story came out today on about the kidnapping and torture of Vasco da Gama midfielder Bernardo at the hands of a Brazilian CRIME BOSS!!

Vasco da Gama midfielder Bernardo was kidnapped and tortured by drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro.

The 22-year-old is understood to have been involved with Daiane Rodrigues, the girlfriend of Marcelo Santos, an organized crime boss, which prompted the attack.

After being seen by the criminal's gang, Bernardo and Rodrigues were taken to Timbau Hill, where they were tied up and beaten.

The lesson here boys and girls is to never mess around with a crime boss' lady friend....ever.

As always thanks so much for stoping by and giving us a read. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.