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FC Dallas Fantasy Manager Watch: Week 9

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The second game in a row against Vancouver could mean more points out of FC Dallas players in the MLS Fantasy Manager game.

Blas could be a good pick this week.
Blas could be a good pick this week.

Editorial note: Each week (or so) here at, we will take a look at the FC Dallas players you should be looking at to add to your Fantasy Manager team. To join the BDS group, use code 9134-1792.

Forgive me for not doing one of these last week. The midweek game sort of messed with the schedule here and I kind of forgot to do it earlier in the week. Oh well, time to move forward to another edition of the FCD Fantasy Manager Watch.

FC Dallas hits the road this weekend to face the Vancouver Whitecaps. This will be the second meeting in a row between the two clubs after Dallas' 2-0 victory last Saturday in Frisco.

Highlight Pick

Jackson Goncalves ($8.1m, 42 points) - The Brazilian has been a little quiet in the Fantasy Manager game for the last couple of weeks. Just a few points here and there since the Toronto game. That is why I think this is a big weekend for him in this match up. We saw last Saturday how dangerous he was on the wings. There were several chances where he nearly connected with Blas Perez or Kenny Cooper for a goal. I think he'll get some good points this weekend.

Three pack for Week 9

If you are looking for a FCD trio on your squad, and don't want to take Jackson. Here are three worth taking a look at for Week 9.

Blas Perez ($9.0m, 24 points) - He may be a tad pricy at $9 million but given how well Perez has played over the last few weeks it may be tough not to have him on your squad. Out of his last four matches, he has gotten at least six or more points in three of those games.

Matt Hedges ($5.6m, 54 points) - While George John continues to make the headlines, Hedges continues to be a stud in the Fantasy Manager game. He, John and Michel all are apart of the Dreamteam at the moment. If you haven't picked him up yet, his price will continue to go up as the team does well here. I'm thankful to say I got him back when his value was at $5.3, so that is a decent increase in team value.

Andrew Jacobson ($6.4m, 40 points) - A very underrated pick at the moment in this game. AJ has been quietly gobbling up points over the last few weeks and I could see him get a good chunk out of this game as well.

Gamble pick

Eric Hassli ($8.1m, 5 points) - It is Hassli's home coming to Vancouver. I don't see him starting in this one but he could come off the bench and provide a spark late.

Recapping Week 8

Things continue to go well for FC Dallas in the season, so their Fantasy Manager stats reflect that.

Raul Fernandez - 7 points

Jair Benitez - 8 points

Zach Loyd - 7 points

Matt Hedges - 8 points

George John - 6 points

Michel - 7 points

Andrew Jacobson - 4 points

David Ferreira - 4 points

Jackson - 3 points

Kenny Cooper - 2 points

Blas Perez - 7 points