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Dan Hunt Holds Impromptu Twitter Q&A

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While the Champion's League was in full-force, the leader of FC Dallas came out to twitter.


Taking a page out of Don Garber's book, Vice President of Hunt Sports Group, Dan Hunt took to twitter today to answer a few questions about the team. While some of his responses were standard PR fare, some of them had a bit more substance to them.

One tweet in particular was burntastic and should give all FCD fans a bit a morale boost. Whether someone thought up this reply for him, or he wrote it himself, this is a good one.

Another tweet revealed some nuggets about a potential sponsor, which is great for fans who want to be in the know. Unless you're the sort of Dallas fan who peruses sports business journals art his leisure, these things are hard to find.

Who would you like to see on the stadium? Is there any brand in particular that you feel would be a good fit? FC Dallas has a history, as most teams do, of going local. J.C. Penny Park anyone?

The next question should get everyone excited. It will again be time for some serious artillery in Dallas.

I know many are excited about the possibility of a USL partnership for the Hoops, and Dan Hunt seems to be aboard. This is an exciting piece of news. Hunt is coy about it, but he wouldn't have said anything if it wasn't possible.

Whether it works out or not remains to be seen, but it would be a huge boost should it actually pan out. Dallas has an excellent coaching system in place and further developing the reserves could carry this team far.

The following tweet is one that will reassure many, many fans about our current diamond-in-the-rough (formation pun?), Michel. Keeping him will definitely be a priority.

We'll close the recap by posting Mr. Hunt's cryptic and sensible approach to transfer rumors.

I've heard a few rumors from sources deep inside World Cup Way. What have you heard? Do you have any guesses as to who/what position is being sought?

What are your thoughts on Mr. Hunts' replies?