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Recapping The Rankings: Where FC Dallas Stands After Week 8

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Taking in all of the 'major' Power Rankings to see what everyone is saying about FC Dallas.


I use to do Power Rankings for my blog But I'll be honest with you, they are a time consuming pain in the ass to do each week. That is one of the many reasons why I stopped doing them there this season.

There are those out there that still compile them each week, ranking the teams mostly in order of their record. Some mix in their form with the record, which is always better in my book. The gang here at is also in the same boat, only doing Power Rankings once a month. A move that I thought was wise considering how it is tough to get 20 or so people to vote in these things each week.

After eight weeks, we have a decent barometer of where things stand in Major League Soccer. I've gone through some of the more major outlets for their rankings to see where FC Dallas is and what is being said about them.

It should come to no surprise that pretty much everyone has FC Dallas at number one. Sadly enough, for one outlet this is the first week Dallas is at the top spot. Normally I don't put a ton of stock into Power Rankings but I think this is something worth having out there each week. I'll try to recap the rankings for you all each week when time allows.

Rank: 1 (up from 2)

Comment: They've conceded just seven goals in seven games, and despite being wildly unorthodox, Raúl Fernández looks like the right man for them in net. In attack, as long as they've got David Ferreira, they'll create chances.

Rank: 1 (#1 in week 7)

Comment: Dallas remain atop MLS power rankings after overwhelming Vancouver on Saturday. They are 5-0 at home in 2013.

Rank: 1 (#1 in week 7)

Comment: FC Dallas' 2-0 win over Vancouver -- its fifth straight at home -- made Schellas Hyndman the most successful coach in club history. FCD now has 19 points, a milestone it didn't reach last year until July 14.

Soccer By Ives

Rank: 1 (#1 in week 7)

Comment: Another solid outing for the top team in the league and now FC Dallas scores a break that should help them recharge their batteries and prepare for the challenge of maintaining their lead atop the West. It won't be easy, but they've built themselves a nice head start.

Feel free to discuss the different rankings below if you want. Any of them strike you as odd (for other teams at least)?