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Game Grades: FC Dallas v Vancouver Whitecaps

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It's hard to find a standout performer when everyone stood out.


Yeah, let's just get right into these grades. Everyone did well so get ready for high scores across the board.


Blas Perez

Clinched the game in the second half and was all over the field. From the first minute rip on goal until he was subbed out late in the 89th minute.

Starting XI

GK Raul Fernandez - 5.0

It's pretty rare when your "worst" player was your goalie. He didn't get many opportunities tonight, but that is because of the great performance from the back four. He was bailed out by a George John goal line save and was late getting to the free kick from Camilo.

D Zach Loyd - 6.0

Loyd had no trouble on defense and did well moving forward. He is very consistent and looks to work the ball up the wings often. He did that last night.

D George John - 6.5

George John kept the game at 1-0 and save Fernandez from having to explain his poor attempt to snag a cross. Other than his hard challenge in the second half (I know he got ball, but it was still dangerous) he was solid and in command in the back.

D Matt Hedges - 6.0

Hedges did well in the air, like usual, and worked well with George John. Didn't seem like there were as many miss communications between John, Hedges and Fernandez, but they were going against a young group and they didn't get much pressure.

D Jair Benitez - 5.5

I really didn't have many notes on him. He didn't really face much pressure and was good going forward, very similar to Loyd.

M Jackson - 6.0

Looked very in his element. Didn't turn over the ball and was still dangerous on either side. He worked hard when Vancouver had the ball in he back and ran at defenders.

M Michel - 6.5

Other than the poor turnover in the second half Michel had another solid game in the middle. His ability on free kicks and corner kicks is invaluable. Last year that was a major weakness and now it is one of FCD's biggest strengths. Multiple good services into the box and controlled the middle well.

M Andrew Jacobson - 5.0

Still isn't doing anything for me and doesn't really leave an impact on many games. I guess there is something to say when the Whitecaps don't sustain much pressure but there needs to be some improvement here. He works well with Michel and their chemistry can makeup for average play.

M Kenny Cooper - 6.5

I love that Cooper can adapt to playing a little farther back than he typically does. He is was great at working back and created some good opportunities. His aggressive nature got Perez that goal in the second half. Put the ball on the net and see what happens. Well played game.

M David Ferreira - 7.5

Ferreira was the conductor again last night. He created chances for everyone around him and had a good opportunity late that he shot over the goal. Another well played game for our most important player.

F Blas Perez - 8.0

Perez caused trouble all night for the back four of Vancouver. He made numerous great runs and put 4 out of 5 shots on frame. Perez did what many forwards do not and crashed the net on Coopers second half shot and nodded a deflection past a diving Cannon. Well done, Super Raton.

Let's see what changes Schellas makes, if any, when FCD heads up to BC Place for round two next weekend.