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Four Games In April, Can FC Dallas Keep The Momentum Going?

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Only four games in the month of April gives FC Dallas some time to potentially open their current lead up.


March was a pretty darn good month for FC Dallas.

In fact, the 12 points that the club gobbled up was the best five game start to a season ever for the club. Not bad at all folks.

Last year it took the club needed eight games to get to 12 points, or late April for those curious. They didn't get past the 12 point number until May 19th however.

But let me do one better for you here.

Under Schellas Hyndman, between 2009 and 2012, the combined...yes the combined total points through five games of those seasons is 19 points. Yeah. Just 19 points combined in those years compared to the 12 already earned this year.

So with all of that where does the month of April bring us to? Four games in the schedule, two of which are against the same club.

Let's break it down once more and see where the points should come from in this month.

Toronto FC - away - April 6 (3:00pm CT)

Afternoon game for the second week in a row on the east coast. Toronto has looked much better this season with the likes of Danny Califf in their defense. Robert Earnshaw has been pretty good up top for them as well, scoring four goals to start the season (though I would argue that half of his goals were give-mes and others were PKs). Dallas has struggled on the road in the past in Toronto but after last week's win in New England, the confidence should be there to get points in this one.

LA Galaxy - home - April 13 (6:30pm CT)

This is possibly the big one. If Dallas can win or at least draw in Toronto, and LA does well in the CCL, this could set up for a big early season battle. LA will go into this match unbeaten in MLS league play and more than likely this will be Landon Donovan's first start to the season. So there is that. Also, it could potentially be the return of Robbie Keane from his injury as well. Either way you spin it, this is a big game for FC Dallas at home. A win at home against the Galaxy, the last team to beat FCD at home I might add, would help show that this club is indeed for real this season.

Vancouver Whitecaps - home - April 20 (7:30pm CT)

This kicks off the first of two straight games against Vancouver. Very odd scheduling there but whatever. At least it gets the long road trip to Vancouver out of the way early here. The Whitecaps are about where they were last year and hopefully we'll know a little more about them by this point too. Right now they've been good enough but nothing special on the road. Kenny Miller is finally playing like a solid Designated Player for them and you never know what Darren Mattocks will do next.

Vancouver Whitecaps - away - April 27 (5pm CT)

Back on the road for this one. The Caps have been solid at home so far this season. Points will be the name of the game though, as Vancouver is a team that Dallas should be able to beat any time out.

Total outlook:

Four games for the month means only 12 possible points. With two games at home and two on the road, Dallas has to get at least six points minimum in my book. You can't lose those two home games. Realistically, the club hasn't played their best soccer yet this season and they've done well so far to boot. I think getting two wins at home and two draws wouldn't be bad either but there is a real chance for at least 10 points this month. One thing is certain with this current side, if they remain healthy and hungry for points, anything is possible, even four more wins.

Which game are you looking forward to the most? Which one scares you the most here too? Let's hear what point totals you are expecting out of the month of April and why.