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FC Dallas Injury Update: Week 8

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Same cast of characters on the IR, but others getting closer to 100%


In a way this is something I will try to do my best to post each week. Ever since the season start, the league, for whatever reason has been odd about posting to their injury section of their website. Typically in years past, the page was updated each week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Now, not so much in terms of consistent updates.

Thankfully, the FC Dallas communications department is great and is always quick to give me and update on how things are going when I ask. Last week I asked them early on about George John and they answered. Same went for rookie defender Walker Zimmerman.

This week, things are clearing up in the injury department as the game notes that were passed out give way to suggest that only a couple players are out for Saturday's game against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

IR: Ugo Ihemelu (concussion symptoms), Peter Luccin (torn right ACL)

Out: Walker Zimmerman (groin), Stephen Keel (left quad strain)

Doubtful: Ramon Nunez (ACL surgery recovery)

Questionable: Jonathan Top (right groin strain)

So when you look at this, all key players for FC Dallas will be available for this weekend's game. I have been told that the slight ankle injury that keeper Raul Fernandez picked up back before the Toronto game (the field there was nasty) is much better this week and that Jair Benitez's hamstring issues are improving (though I would still keep a cautious eye on that). Michel is also said to be feeling much better this week as well - he was a tad banged up during the late stages of the LA Galaxy game.