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Raul Fernandez Nominated For Save, Latino of the Week

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After another excellent performance Fernandez has earned two separate nods from MLS editors.


In case you missed it, Raul Fernandez has been nominated for not one, but two awards this week.

The Latino of the Week nomination should come as a surprise to no one. Despite Landon Donovan's lack of fitness and match sharpness, the man has converted an absolutely ridiculous 34 of 37 penalty shots in his career. When he walks up to the penalty spot, the goalkeeper is doomed. Nothing but luck or an act of God will stop his shot. Unless you're Fernandez, of course. Then you stop his shot, keep your team in the game, and get nominated for Latino of the Week.

Mike Magee is on better form Donovan at the moment, tearing up the scoring charts. When he broke away and placed a shot in the lower right-hand corner, Raul had to keep his wits about him to keep the ball out of the net. His great reaction save earned him a nomination for Save of the Week. While he probably won't beat out Nick Rimando, you should vote for him anyway as it's your civic duty.

After witnessing his cat-like stop against Magee and his supernatural ability to keep Donovan from scoring, I have annointed him the Sapa Inca (Child of the Sun, Inca King) of MLS.

Go vote for Latino of the Week here, and for Save of the Week here.

It doesn't matter if you can't read the Spanish site. Just find the Sapa Inca's name and vote!